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written by Philip Oliver    
CLUEMINATTTTIII! That's all you here over the mixtapes from this NY DJ. Like Flex, clue? has gone and made an 'Official' mixtape so has he sold out? Yes and no, for all you who don't know Clue sold out a long time ago, no longer are his street tapes the hottest thing anymore since he introduced that commercial element to his tapes, but don't get me wrong he can still put the hardcore down as well.

The album kicks off with an intro from Puff Daddy, not the most hardcore of artists but its OK, then we're hit in the head with the remix of DMX's 'Ruff ryders anthem' which features the Cam'ron-a-like Drag-on, not a terrible start but not a good one either. We're treated to a piece of old Nas over a nice beat for a change on 'Queens niggaz', one of the strongest cuts on here (maybe because its nice to hear him rhyming like he should be again).

The frequent combination of Pun, Nore and Cam'ron is further added to with a beasts from the east type verse from Canibus (Why couldn't he have done something like this on his album?) on 'The fantastic four', a nice blend of rhyming over a piano tinged beat, Pun just sounds so hyped on this one he starts to sound like Onyx. Other guests included on this set are Nature, Busta, Mobb Deep & Noyd (another brilliant track), Lord Tariq, Jay-Z (Clue? had to have his boss on here) and Keith Murray plus shit loads more i can't be bothered to list.

Remember that commercial element? Well, it's shown here on the Ma$e / Foxxy collaboration, this awful track uses the now tired Loop from Mariah's 'Fantasy' and uses it unchanged unlike what Redman did with it on his album. The Wu are represented with a cut from Raekwon which sounds like a Bobby Digital production (you know the sound by now), its dark moody and overall wicked!. Where does the album fall?, of course where he introduced those party tracks either to rock the club or to get that paper(i think the latter).

Also unlike Flex DJ Clue? Isn't known for his turntable wizardry so the term Hip Hop deejay should be used loosely here for all we know he could just be playing and swapping CD's like the old guy at some little girls party. Oh yeah and it don't help shouting something really f**king annoying every second like 'Clueminattti!' 'New shit' or "I need to scratch my ass"(made that one up), keep quiet and let us enjoy the music for a change.

But you can't argue that this is a nice little package, and I'm surprised at the quality of the music (and I don't mean the sound you usually get on his shitty TDK bootlegs), a must to get when it drops.

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