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Since first hearing the Def Squad collaborate on 'Breaker 1, Breaker 2' on the 'Nutty Professor' soundtrack I have been eagerly looking forward to this album. 'El Nino' which for those of you who don't know Spanish means the boy, (but it was actually intended to be as a sort of referral of the 'El Nino' natural disasters over the US and Mexico as they're coming hard causing problems) is an excellent album, which has few flaws.

One flaw it has is the track arrangement. The album doesn't seem to have too much of a theme and the tracks are just placed anywhere which doesn't always fit in. Another flaw is that the album is quite short, around 50 minutes, which I don't like. I like long albums full of great tracks; 'El Nino' is that, but not lengthy enough. Oh yeah, the last flaw I think 'El Nino' has is it has a track called 'Rhymin' Wit Biz' and features the 'great' (sarcasm) rapper Biz Markie.

Enough with the negativity. The album is almost 100% phat. Keith Murray, Redman and Erick Sermon flow so well together that it is unbelievable. And the tracks consistent qualities keep a comin'.

The album has a few 'don't give a fuck' interludes. What I mean by that is for instance on 'President Of Babies Father' there is a woman interviewing a man who creates children by various women and then decides he doesn't give a fuck. These interludes are funny and'll keep you entertained between tracks.

The best tracks on the album include the previously released smash hits 'Full Co-operation' and 'Def Squad Delite' (Rappers Delight) along with new tracks; 'Can U Dig It' and in my mind contrary to Phil's opinion,'Y'All Niggas Ain't Ready.' 'Can U Dig It.' I thought at first this had a Canibus dis because of being told of disses to Canibus referring to him as 'Can-I-Bitch,' which Keith Murray does in 'Can U Dig It.'

I prefer Def Squad to the recent EPMD album, so let's bid a fond farewell to Parrish Smith and open our arms to Keith Murray and Redman.

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