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I think the first time I heard anything off of this CD was way back in I think, February. It was when there was that big DMX/Noreaga/Canibus freestyle session. Now Noreaga did something which I thought was phenomenal, I was sort of gullible towards freestyles, I believed that a lot of emcees actually flowed off of the top of their head. No. Noreaga repeated his verse and chorus from the debut promo 'Misery Needs Company,' the thing that made me curious when listening to Noreaga freestyle was he mentioned Joe in his verse, later on I realized why.

Fat Joe has been on the scene for a while, this is his third album and D.I.T.C. fans will know him very well. I'm not one hundred percent sure whether Fat Joe actually left the crew or just is working with the Terror Squad for the moment but anyway. The presence that Fat Joe has when he raps is one showing that he's totally in control of what he does. He has a powerful and clear voice and almost always the raps are followed by some brilliant beats.

'Don Cartagena' was a shock for me. I was hoping to see Fat Joe, not Fat Joe plus every other artist in hip hop. It is flooded with other artists, sometimes this is good sometimes this is awful! 'Walk On By' is a prime example, Joe is quite good but I can't say that I've been feeling anything yet by Charli Baltimore, this is no exception. I know you got down dirty with Biggie but they shouldn't have made you a star lady.

By now you should have heard at least three tracks from this album. Those being the phat 'Misery Needs Company,' 'Don Cartagena' featuring Puffy and 'John Blaze.' All these cuts are dope but throughout the album this isn't always a consistent occurrance.

A track which is dope, but quite lengthy is 'Terror Squadians.' I think it features the whole of the Terror Squad and it is really, really phat. I also saw this on the 'Rush Hour' soundtrack. I'd almost go as far as saying the CD is worth purchasing just for this.

Overall 'Don Cartagena' is Fat Joe evolved into a member of the Terror Squad, he is slightly different too. You will see members of the squad all over this album and you will enjoy it. Peep it.

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