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If I were to say to you that this is a deep (with the exception of 'Do For Self'), lyrically revolutionary album then I would be lying to you, take a look at Busta's musical history, can you honestly tell me that he flows with a lot of lyrical depth - no! The thing is though, hip hop doesn't have to be extremes, it doesn't need to be either very intellectual and lyrical vicious (the rough definition of hardcore rap) or the exact opposite (the definition of what's known as 'commercial rap) it can be a mixture of the two and it can on the whole be funny and enjoyable. Well, that's what this album is.

From the albums intro to the last second on the CD you are pretty well entertained with funny interludes, and enjoyable tracks. The album includes the previously released 'Everybody On The Line Outside'/'Cha Cha Cha,' both of which were brilliant tracks in their own right but adds in quite a few tasty treats.

One thing you will notice with this album is that first and foremost Busta Rhymes seems to take the spotlight with the rest following behind, which in some respects is good but in some is bad. Baby Sham (CappaDonna of Wu-Tang related fame's younger brother) tends to be overlooked on most of the album, as does Rampage and sometimes Spliff Star, however they all individually shine at one point or another. The man that really caught my eye was Lord Have Mercy, with a deep and clear rapping voice he pulls off quality rhymes like nobodies business and I eagerly await his solo album. Rah Digga, the groups only female member manages to shine on this LP and makes the listening audience laugh on such interludes as the 'Everything Interlude' in which she comically describes a store which stocks everything for $7.99.

Although there aren't any tracks (I feel) that compare to 'We Could Take It Outside'(the Flipmode track on Busta Rhymes 2nd album) the LP is a great one and deserves to be bumped in any place it can be. Oh, and something I'd like to know, if anybody knows, what happened to Serious?

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