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Well another album that has been a while in the making is Ice Cube's 'War & Peace.' The album is split into two sections, the 'War' disc and the 'Peace' disc (the 'Peace' disc is coming in 1999). If you have any music channels on your TV you will have seen the many adverts for this, talking about Ice Cube's mission to write the most significant lyrics of the 20th Century. Hmmm, well they are well written but not the most significant. I've been following Ice Cube since his NWA years and in some respects he has come a long way and matured and in others he hasn't as much.

This album seems to be a look upon life in various ways and from different perspectives. Ice Cube discusses the problems involved with money in 'The Curse' a cut detailing that if you do have cash you have problems - everybody's trying to get some of it and screw you over in the process, and if you don't you have problems because in this world money is one of life's essentials.

One of my favourite cuts on the album 'Greed' (first seen on the 'Gang Related' soundtrack) talks about money and material possessions once again, and you can guess in what way. It talks about people being a little too greedy.

The album is kind of mixed up though. You have an album title 'War & Peace' and there are tracks like 'If I Was F***in' You.' Three guesses about what that tracks on about, also 'X-Bitches' is one which really steers away from what I thought the album would be all about, and although well rapped and produced well they tend to be some of the worse points on the album.

The production on the album is quite good. A lot of the cuts are produced by Cube but some are by other producers. The best showcase of quality production is 'Pushin' Weight.' This track has grown on me a lot and the beats have too immensely. One point though that I'm confused about. Mr. Short Khop. Now I would have thought you would pronounce his name something like Mr. Short Cop but the Khop is pronounced Chop. Anyway, back to the album.

There are a few good interludes, stuck on the ends and beginnings of tracks and one in particular that made me laugh was the one at the beginning of the track 'F*** Dying' in which the Angel of death tells Ice Cube that he's on his list and Cube replies, well, differently. 'F*** Dying' is a kind of pointless track yet it is good in quality, Korn feature on it supplying the music for Cube to rap over and it works out well.

Overall the album is quite good but I hope the 'Peace' disc will be an improvement.

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