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Jayo Felony - much slept on, or not slept on enough? Before the release of 'Whatcha Gonna Do' Jayo Felony had released another album, apparently though, Def Jam didn't bother with any promotion or advertising so it flopped big-time. This was/is Jayo's chance to make the world believe that his first album should have been payed a lot more attention to. Does he prove the statement that I have just made to be true? Or does he prove the opposite?

Now, this is a review being written upon the first promo, unmixed version of the album and the released version. The first version included the very, very wack and rightfully cut 'I'm So Poor,' a track detailing and repeatedly stating that Jayo is oh so poor. Instead of that track on the released CD a remix of the title track was put on.

From the second you put on the CD you will realize something about Jayo Felony, he's different. His style is something, which seems to have been composed by mixing together a thousand different styles of west coast rappers, jumbling them up and hoping that what comes out is something worth paying attention to. In some cases it is, but in more than one case it isn't.

Beat wise; 'Whatcha Gonna Do' is okay. Tracks like 'Nobody On Dryland' and 'J.A.Y.O.' showcase this in the best light, other tracks beat quality can be disputed. Before people say that "It's a typical west coast album" acting as if I haven't heard a whole host of albums from the West in this style.

Lyrically, this CD doesn't really come up to much, and the subjects really aren't that worthy of recognition other than 'Love Don't Love', which basically talks about friends who betray you. But if you want some examples of poor lyrics and concepts then look no further than the title track 'Whatcha Gonna Do' featuring Method Man and DMX. As the hook states (copied and slightly altered off of a gay British group 'Right Said Fred' and when I say gay I'm not insulting them, they really are) "I can give it to ya but whatcha gon do with it / I can give it to ya but wha wha wha wha / I'm too sexy for my mother fuckin' hood / I'm too sexy for my mother fuckin' low-rider" I mean damn. That's all I can say damn. The point of that track was what? Also, the remix, as if having one version of the track wasn't bad enough they included a remix with Mack 10, WC and Redman.

The album has a few featured guests including; Eightball & MJG, Kokane, E-40 and Ice Cube plus some very, un-funny skits, along with a below average intro and outro.

There is one track that I really like and that is 'J.A.Y.O.'(Justice Against Y'All Oppressors) featuring E-40 and Ice Cube, the track has all three artists performing excellently, E-40 and his speedy lyrics along with his ability to manipulate words so that they rhyme. Ice Cube does his usual thing and Jayo raps possibly in the best way I've ever heard him rhyme. Pure brilliance.

One cut and a couple of dope beats don't make a brilliant album.

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