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written by Philip Oliver    
MOP wouldn't be anything without the backing of Primo, or would they? I've thought the same thing for a while and a lot of others probably agree with that statement. Think back though, their first album 'To the death' was a slice of Thug hip-hop before Nore even thought about it. Maybe it was to do with their producer DR period or maybe MOP do have something. Behind the strained voices and shouting Billy and Lil Fame rap like its the last breaths of their life, now that's a piece of real hip hop, yeah you gotta come with the lyrics but you also need the feeling behind your words.

Album number 3 serves us with the same formula, Hard beats and hard rhymes. It doesn't hurt having Premier on here as he serves up the best 5 tracks on here, i can't ignore the Beatminerz input either.

The collaborations have also helped this time round (Although nothing will ever top 'Stick to ya gunz' with G Rap) to break up the harshness of their vocals. OC tries to emulate their style on 'Down 4 whateva', its not a mind blowing performance but you can't sleep on OC. Heather B drops in for 'My kinda nigga part 2' a step up from its predecessor. Freddie Foxx gives us another rare but great verse on 'I Luv', why the hell wasn't his album ever released? He's gonna have some good shit out in '99. Teflon and Jay-Z add verses to '4 alarm blaze' but nothing could save this track, its straight up crap!.

So don't front on MOP, this album should assure you they deserve a place in hip hop, they are actually saying something, its just you gotta learn to deal with their delivery, this isn't better than '96's 'Firing squad' but its getting there.

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