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"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, N.O.R.E. is comin' out right now. Is out now. Now, ain't that some funny shit." is what begins your trek into the world of CNN member Victor Santiago aka Noreaga as he begins the album with this intro('Jump Off'). That made me laugh when Noreaga said "Now, aint that some funny shit." The album then went on into it's posse cut featuring some of the hottest artists of the moment. Big Punisher, Cam'ron, Nature, Jadakiss and Styles P (the last two being members of the group The Lox) all drop verses on 'Banned From TV.' The track isn't actually one of the best on the album. After that you experience one of the stronger tracks on the album 'I Love My Life' featuring Carl Thomas. I love the feel that Carl Thomas adds to the track, he just makes the track feel more real. What I mean is that it helps to involve you inside the song, the beats are subtle and emotional. That's why I find the track so good. The track is a profile on Noreaga, it talks about him selling drugs and what he's gone through.

The album is let down by tracks such as 'Fiesta' featuring Kid Capri, 'The Way We Live' featuring Chico Debarge and 'The Change.' The problem with 'Fiesta' is that the beats are shit, the lyrics aren't that good, and the track tries to be a phat commercial joint but fails. 'The Way We Live,' ordinarily I like Chico Debarge, it tries to be a very loving track but fails with Noreaga and those beats. Sorry.

'Animal Thug' had me rolling on the floor with laughter. They either have someone who is really from Iraq or they have someone impersonating one, but it is some funny shit. "I have tweny girlfen man, you want some, I no give it to you, girl like big dick" is what is said, and no I know how to spell it's intentional to give you a better idea of what the interlude is like.

There are a lot of 'in-between' tracks, like 'N.O.R.E.,' the track is neither good nor bad. I'm undecided on how good it is. I agree with my man Sean, 'Body In The Trunk' with Nas is good lyrically in the way that it flows back and forth to tell a story but the beats spoil it.

The album features an all-star cast but my favourite track is 'Superthug.' It's commercial - in a good way, hypothetical lyrics yet lyrically superb, and the beats along with the sample of Noreaga saying "Whut, whut, whut" just make the track flow so well that it is just a must to constantly replay that single track (which I have done on many occasions).

Noreaga's album is a slightly above average one, it has a range in quality of tracks but I like it.

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