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"Bow down when I come to your town / Bow down when I'm westward bound / Bow down, because I ain't a hater like you / Bow down to a force that's greater than you." You Westside Connection fans out there will realize where that section of line is from. Mack 10 first came out onto the large Hip Hop scene (as far as I know) with the group Westside Connection and since then he's been getting bigger and bigger.

I never thought though that he couldn't make a solo album. I didn't manage to check out 'Based On A True Story' so I was hoping for the best with this, the best music being from MACK 10. Did I get that, well considering that there is only one track with him alone ('The Letter' a track with experimental beats and talking about if you're making money doing what you do you should continue and with the hook: "Coz real niggas only rap about what they know / I do it all for cash, scrilla and the dough / If they ban gangsta rap then I gotta sell blow" you'll understand that this track wasn't too impressive) I was kind of disappointed. After all I never knew that Mack 10 was secretly named Jermaine Dupri so I figured on what was (to my knowledge) meant to be a solo album, actually was one.

The album starts with Mack cooking something with N.W.A.'s 'Fuck The Police' playing in the background, a friend comes over and then the album goes into one of its many posse cuts.

'The Recipe' isn't a bad album but it isn't a great album either. Some of the better tracks include 'Get A Lil ****' featuring Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky & CJ Mac, this track has some quite good flows but there's a pretty pointless subject, the track is about getting blow jobs, damn that's what music is all about. Lines which stick in your mind include "She couldn't answer back she had my dick in her mouth" and the altered chorus of 'Do A Little Dance' with "Do a little dance / Make a little love / Get sucked down tonight" now even though it's pointless etc. it does work well as a track it sounds good, the beats are good and the artists flow well. Another track which I have to mention is 'Get Yo Ride On' featuring Eazy-E & MC Eiht, dope beats, and okay flows but the reason I had to mention this was it's an unreleased Eazy-E cut. You can find 2pac everywhere and I've heard quite a bit of unreleased Biggie but that's the first unreleased Eazy-E I heard, RIP. Probably one of the best tracks on the album is 'Let The Games Begin' featuring Fat Joe and Big Punisher, smooth beats with some trumpet samples, and as per usual Fat Joe and Big Pun flow well, so much so that unfortunately they outshine Mack 10.

As everyone seems to be doing, Mack 10 jumped upon the hip hop/rock crossover bandwagon. 'Should I Stay Or Should I go' featuring Ice Cube, is basically a slightly altered version of the original rock track. As I've said before - like 'Rip Rock' but this works well. Ice Cube fits in perfectly above the beats, Mack 10 does too but not as well as Cube.

Now, it gets 6 for a reason, here are some of them; 'Gangsta ****'* Like A Drug' featuring Tray Dee and Squeak Ru. Tray Dee's flow is okay and the beats are familiar yet they're not too good. An attempt to add rn'b along with a really pitiful verse by Squeak Ru mean that this is one of the lowlights. Other joints to steer clear from include 'Made ******' featuring Master P & Mystikal, and the track 'You Ain't Seen Nothin' featuring Jermaine Dupri & Foxy Brown, which declares that these artists only care about money, whether they make quality music or awful music it doesn't matter because as Foxy repeatedly says "All we about is them dollar dollar bills." There are quite a few other tracks which are less than desirable.

All I'm left to say is if you make another album Mack 10, do it by yourself!

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