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written by Philip Oliver    
Ever expected anything from Reggie? How can you? No one ever really knows what to expect but he always comes through. He's done it again on album 4 with that mix of freestyles over blunted funk breaks courtesy of E-Double.

Things kick off with the bumping 'Daaaam!!!' sounding 'Monkee out' with its "Ooh ooh ah ah ah!!!" chimp sounds, this is straight up dope! You can't help but laugh and get hyped up at the albums intro. Cube's 'Once Upon A Time In The Projects' is redone on 'Jersey YO!' using the same break and chorus modified to the Funk Doc's twisted imagination. You can't really beat the original but this comes close.

Where are the guests? Meth pops up on 'WellAlritechall', the stuttering production on this is sick but the two flow as good as they have on tracks like 'Big Dogz' and the epic 'How High.' Busta pops up on 'Tha Goodness.' Somehow a little different from Reggie's normal style but it fits both emcees. 'Down South Funk' is this year's Def Squad cut, where all 3 just kick back over a dope guitar track. Others include Young zee and ROCE on 'Cloze ya doorz, a new jersey posse cut. 'Brick city mashin' goes over the old Mariah 'Fantasy' loop again, but you know the fuck docta spock's gonna make this much better with a big thumping beat kicked over that lame sample. Things are rounded off with Soopaman Luva 4 (You can't have a Redman album without this), where Soopaman Luva has fallen on hard times, you know you're going to laugh at this so cop the album for this track alone.

What separates this album from the million releases in hip hop this year is that its totally consistent in quality it doesn't fall with any fillers or tracks that shouldn't be here, the last 3 albums from Redman have been the same and they are all executed brilliantly so why change things? If it ain't broke don't fix it.

If you were put off by the first single 'I'll Bee dat' I don't blame you, it is the weakest cut here, if you liked it this album is gonna be in constant rotation for a long time. Pick up some real hip-hop for Christmas.

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