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Snoop D O double G. Why did you have to leave Death Row? Snoop Dogg, since 'Doggystyle' has always had a high stature in my mind and has influenced my taste in hip hop in accordance to the quality he had shown to the world on his albums. But, after a murder trial and a feeble album. I thought 'Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told' could be referred to as a 'Doggystyle 2.' Unfortunately not.

I've never really liked No Limit's material. In fact this is my first ever No Limit release. So I hoped that Snoops album could change that. I was wrong. The album tries to be a mixture between a No Limit album and a Snoop album. Which doesn't work how I'd want it to. After hearing a very, very rare copy of Snoops track 'Deathrow Killers' I was hoping that the album would basically inform me about what happened, his thoughts and such like but alas, this wasn't the case.

The album is quite long and 21 tracks deep, but features practically nothing from his former Death Row inmates. All it really features from his past are Daz scratching and SoopaFly producing 'Hoes, Money & Clout' - a big disappointment. There are also a couple of sequels, 'Still A G Thang' and 'Gin and Juice II' with 'Gin and Juice II' being the better more Deathrow-type tracks.

The biggest problem with this album without a doubt is 'DP Gangsta' a rip off of a couple of N.W.A. tracks 'We Want Eazy' and 'Gangsta, Gangsta' the combination of Snoop and C-Murder could have made this track good but failed miserably. The album isn't all together bad, it has some good tracks. It features a track 'Woof' which is an attempt to create a 'Make 'Em Say Ungh' competitor. The album is average, by no means what Snoop fans were hoping for.

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