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written by Hugo Lunny    
Since the release of the phenomenal single 'What U See Is What U Get'/'3 Card Molly,' I was 100% hyped up for the sophomore album. Xzibit in 1996 decided to drop one of the best albums (I feel) that 1996 had to offer, with the track 'Paparazzi' he single handedly managed to attack commercial hip hop at a level which couldn't really be disputed with (unless you're an Outlaw). With that he basically told the world that he was in the hip-hop music industry and would be there to stay.

If you listen to the whole album '40 Dayz & 40 Nightz' just once the whole way through, even as background music, you're sure to find something on it that appeals to you. With the lines "While you was hoping Xzibit was second rate but I refused to make / Just another record in the crate / I think not" he defines the contents of this album, pure brilliance. He has superb beats and his lyrics are never too shabby, he unleashes metaphors such as "Picture yourself crushing Xzibit with your tough talk / That's like Christopher Reeve doin' a crip walk" although the line is in very bad taste, you get the point.

The album excels with beats on such tracks as 'Chamber Music,' 'What U See Is What U Get,' and 'Let It Rain' - this is not to say that the other beats are of bad quality but those stick out in my mind. Plus we have a few comical interludes on the album, which put a smile upon your face.

One of the albums best tracks is; 'Let It Rain' featuring Tha Alkaholiks and King T, and a nice host of samples the Likwit Allstars pull off a gem of a track. Everybody's verse fits excellently and the beats superbly compliment the lyrics.

Lyrically, Xzibit excels with 'Recycled Assassins.' X describes a childhood with his brothers, two of which were with him hanging around the streets behaving like thugs, and one, the most influential and presumably the youngest staying at home playing with Tonka trucks. In the track he details how he was jailed and his innocent brother visited him, his brother boasts about firing his first gun and Xzibit is crushed.

In all reality I think that there is only one track that spoils the album 'Pu##y Pop,' the track features Method Man singing the hook and Jayo Felony dropping a verse, the beats are average and the lyrics aren't anything too special. But on the whole, pure brilliance, if you have some currency to spare, buy this.

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