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Akinyele is most well known as, well, being very "sexually interested," or, in other words, perverted. However, he's also known for being one of the best (if not the best) 'sex-rappers.' And, as you can guess from the cover, and the slightly suggestive title, this LP is basically a selection of rhymes flooded with sexual topics. Not only is this an LP, it's also a soundtrack. Guess what to? His movie of course. And guess what that flick's all about? Haha.

I first heard material from this LP back at the beginning of '99, I'd heard, and enjoyed Ak's EP, the only cut which is on here from there, is the title cut ('Put It In Your Mouth'), which was a nice addition. But anyway, around the beginning of '99, Akinyele dropped the 12" 'Three'/'Butt Naked.' Then, around late October, Akinyele dropped another 12" from the soundtrack/LP which featured 'Take A Lick' and the updated version of 'Three'(the hook was altered) which appears on this LP.

As soon as the LP begins, and you've gotten past the intro. You are thrown into 'Get Up,' which, for first time Akinyele listener's shows exactly how good Akinyele's delivery is. His lyrics are pretty good, but his strong point is his delivery. This remains consistent throughout the LP. In fact, the whole LP contains either dope, or nice beats, good or really good lyrics, and a great delivery. It's impressive, even though the topic remains pretty similar from track to track.

Akinyele mostly only has female guests on the LP, it's him, and them. It's something you don't tend to really see these days, solo artists being pretty much solo. There are male guests for a couple of intros/small interludes and one track, but not much more than that.

He's pretty inventive on some of the tracks, and on the majority of them, he shows off his story-telling abilities. 'Take A Lick' is a good example of this, it's obviously about oral sex, but the way he tells it is pretty smooth. 'Coochie' has Akinyele doing a track loosely inspired by Biggie, his introduction to the track is kind of like what Biggie spoke about, with people not letting him sell drugs to feed his daughter, and being told he would amount to nothing, but Ak replaces this with talking about girls not giving him their phone number. Then, he kicks into the track with "It was all a dream / I used to read Playboy magazine..." A nice cut.

There is only one track which I really dislike, that's 'N****s & B****es.' It's just not up to the standard, which the other tracks are. But 1/19 tracks being pretty shitty isn't bad.

After listening to this LP for almost a week straight, I can honestly say, the tracks appeals haven't worn off much. A very impressive LP/Soundtrack. Worth buying if you're 18 or over, haha. (minors should get your older friends to buy it for you).

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