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Those of you who've heard the 'epic'(said in a very sarcastic manner) track 'Hot Spot' will have heard her say "Guess who's back ?" Yeah, Foxy Brown is back, but she's changed, in a bad way. Back in I think it was '96 Foxy Brown dropped her debut album 'Ill Na Na,' not a brilliant debut but it wasn't bad, it showed she could rap and had some pretty good hits ie 'I'll Be' and 'Get Home.' Back then she was in her mid-teens and didn't really show us how much she liked using her body to get paid. She does know how to now and does that here. Look at Lil' Kim, pretending that Lil' Kim is portrayed and portrays herself as anything but a whore would be plain stupid. Her solo debut; 'Hardcore' was filled with cuts about sex in descriptive ways. It seems Foxy has followed in her footsteps and has taken the easy route, the one which is sex sells. Though the album hasn't been released, it's obvious when she features in adverts in magazines such as The Source, Vibe, XXL etc. and most recently in her video 'Hot Spot' wearing very little, and that more than just most men's eyebrows will begin to lift, so will something else. She's pretty fine, she even says so her self and I quote the track 'I Can't' on this album; 'Chyna Doll,' "Chick with her own / Nice tits, nice ass." That will more than likely be a factor in her sales, because you know there are some perverts out there.

The album kicks off with 'The Birth Of Foxy Brown' an intro which begins with a woman named 'Grandma Funk' (not sure if it is Foxy's real mother or not) moaning and groaning as if she's having a baby, then once it's over, she speaks to a newly born Foxy Brown about how powerful she is in the streets, how she controls the pimps, drug dealers etc. And how now Foxy will continue on this entertaining legacy.

Soon after, one of the only decent tracks on the album 'My Life' kicks in. The track has a pretty nice beat, and Foxy flows well. She also sings the hook and in doing so proves she isn't too bad a singer. Basically she talks about her life, she talks about such things as her father not being around when she was a child and how many men wanted to get with her for sex by giving her expensive gifts when all she wanted was love. A line which made me laugh was "Call me a hoe / Say I'm in it for the dough / But tell me / What the fuck he in it for?" It's a true remark; all emcees are in hip-hop in some way for the money. This is probably my favourite solo track on the album (not that there are many solos). Another dope track is 'Bonnie & Clyde Part II' featuring Jay-Z. The track has some pretty phat beats and is the sequel (and I think better than) to the original on Jay-Z's 'Hard Knock Life.' Seeing as Jay-Z is sometimes Foxy's ghost writer and from what I've heard the two of them are kind of close, you'd think they would rhyme well together, well then you'd think right, both flow really well. The track has a couple of rhymes about scams that the two-some pull. One of which using Foxy and her cleavage as bait on some guy and another a bank hold up. Other than those two, 'Baller Bitch,''4-5-6' and 'Ride (Down South)' are quite good tracks, the sad thing is they all feature other emcees; 'Baller Bitch' features Too $hort and Foxy's brother Pretty Boy. '4-5-6' features Beanie Siegal & Memphis Bleek and 'Ride (Down South)' features Eightball, MJG, Juvenile and Too $hort. All these emcees flow well over some nice beats, but isn't this meant to be Foxy's album? It's just on each of those cuts she flows awfully.

Now we get to talk about the new Foxy Brown; 'A Dog & A Fox' and 'JOB' best sum up her new persona.

Firstly, 'A Dog & A Fox.' The track features DMX and at the beginning of the track when you hear the first sample of the beats, you think that they're going to be pretty good until another set mix in with them and completely ruin them. DMX doesn't really show anything in terms of skills and this track basically shows Foxy to have progressed to the Lil' Kim stage, rapping descriptively about sex. DMX gets stuck in on the hook with with "Y'all bitches suck a dick," Foxy responds with; "Y'all niggaz eat a clit," then followed by DMX saying "You think you fuckin slick" and lastly Foxy stating; "Y'all niggaz aint shit." After the hook Foxy kicks in with a very intelligent verse; "Nigga f*ck you / Eat a fat one / Dough I stack dumb / Pussy platinum." Doesn't that line just take hip-hop to a more advanced, intelligent level?

Then we look at 'JOB' featuring Mya. Damn, these beats are, um, different. Kinda upbeat, feels kinda like popular music's beats. Foxy even has the nerve to diss Big Pun; "Y'all Big Pun niggaz gotta pay it how you weigh," no need to ask what she's referring to, but damn, why insult Pun? After the first verse Mya kicks in with the hook "Cause aint nothin' goin on but the rent / You got to have a j o b if you wanna be with me." This seems to be Foxy's track which she could write down and send to a lonely hearts column as she talks about her 'requirements' in her men. The track ends with Mya repeating "No romance without finance," ahaha. I couldn't stop laughing at this. Oh yeah, also, take a look at the 'Bomb Ass' interlude on the album if you see it in a store or somewhere else, most hip hop fans will recognize where it's been taken from.

A track which needs a mention though is 'B.W.A.(Bitches Wit Attitude)' featuring Mia X & Gangsta Boo. This is a re-vamped all female version of the N.W.A. track 'Real Niggaz.' Foxy covers the hook saying "I'm a motherfuckin' bitch" and then the original is sampled for the end of the hook for "With an attitude." This track is two thirds awful and one third quite good, surprisingly (I've slept on Mia X) Mia X rips it quite well, the best on this though.

Foxy. You know sex sells, because that's what you're doing on here, selling tracks filled with tales about sex, if you really feel so strongly why not get involved in a big industry, I'm not sure what it is called. Hmmmm, oh, the porn industry, that's right. If that isn't what you want to do please come out with album number 3 with a whole lot less instances of you going on about how much power you have with your pussy.

This is a disappointing album to those hip hop fans who like varied worth while material, but, if you're some sad individual who loves to do nothing other than hearing the words; fucking, tits, pussy and various other sex-related words (rather than actually having sex or listening to some decent hip hop) then pick this up!

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