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written by MC Hitman    
To breakdown the world of hip-hop would nearly be impossible but such being the case there are still the misfits. Company Flow throws out a sound that's so different; it causes its fans to have a love/hate relationship with them. 'Funcrusher Plus' released in 1997, has since been an underground classic, now, in their sophomore album, they hit you with something completely different.

'Little Johnny from the Hospital,' brings new meaning to the words instrumental album. Contrary to popular belief El-P and DJ Mr. Len's unpolished production style added something, rather than took away. Using incredible sounds they methodically put you in a whole new world which El-P best sums up when he says, "This album is what fucked up life sounds like." Little Suzy from the 'Funcrusher Plus' intro returns, only to be sexually abused by her father's friend Henry, thus fueling Suzy's rage in 'Suzy Pulled A Pistol On Henry,' climaxing when she finally blows Henry away. This is one of the few songs that has a clearly defined storyline, whereas many of the other tracks have an underlying subtlety to their real meaning. 'Happy Happy Joy Kill,' is a dark and sinister track that lets El-P play with your mind, its taken me a while but I'm interpreting it as a very bad acid trip. Building up a suspenseful tension the song comes tumbling down around you filling you with a chaotic-horrifying-'I want my Mommy' feeling. But El-P isn't done with you just yet, he pulls you through one more time to an orgasmic close.

Achieving something where others have failed Company Flow's success has to be credited to the fact that they can make their fans think within themselves and find meaning in a song rather than appreciate the outward lyrics. I now understand why the plug was pulled on RZAs 'Bobby Digital: The Instrumentals,' your musical ability is put to the test and leaves you completely vulnerable to an angry mob of fans filled with disappointment and hatred. Company Flow's 'Little Johnny From the Hospital' blends purely aesthetic beats with lyrics left up to your on imagination, proving to be close to a musical masterpiece.

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