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I've been waiting for this album since Defari began dropping 12"s off of it. He's the latest Likwit Crew member to release an album and compared to the last Likwit Crew related album (Xzibit's '40 Dayz & 40 Nightz') it doesn't feature as many emcees. It is more of a solo album (something we don't see in the correct sense much these days).

The album kicks in with the title track 'Focused Daily' featuring Evidence. Evidence came off better than Defari, but still, Defari flowed well and rhymed well. One of the reasons that Evidence came off better were because of lines like; "Catch me with Feds when Jordan grows dreads," and "My 12 inches get under skins like splinters." Now this was a pretty good idea to start of the album with this, the reason being, it's a good track and it will make you want to listen to more.

There's a lot of sampling for the hooks on this album, examples include on 'Keep It On The Rise' there's a sample of Fat Joe saying "Enough's enough," and on 'Thunder & Lightning' Tash repeats "Xzibit the thunder, Defari the lightning." There are also samples of Raekwon and B-Real and a few more emcees throughout the album.

This album has some really dope production; E-Swift, Alchemist & Barbershop Chocolate Tye and Evidence are responsible for this. All the beats fit the tracks perfectly showing that Defari should stick with these guys in future to create more great music.

A track which needs to be mentioned, basically because it's the only one which sticks out on the album as being something 'different' is 'Juggle Me.' This track is for DJ's on the whole. Defari wants to be scratched up on this cut. At the beginning it has an interlude basically dissing these wannabe DJ's claiming they DJ with CD's, not owning vinyl etc. The ironic thing about this cut is I have it on a CD, not vinyl. So I'm not gonna be juggling any time soon. Still, if you have a set of turntables and a copy of this album, I think you could sort out some dope mixes.

One disappointing factor although really not all that important factor was for the album mix of 'Likwit Connection' they cut Xzibit off of it. They made up for it though, when he and Defari flowed together over 'Thunder & Lightning.' Other than that, what I dislike about this album is although Defari has great lyrics and a great flow. He doesn't seem to really talk about anything specifically on a track, he seems to switch subjects within the one track but he does it subtly so on the whole I think it will go un-noticed.

Overall, a good debut by Defari, worth taking a look at.

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