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Dr.Dooom a.k.a Kool Keith a.k.a Dr.octagon a.k.a Sinister 6000 aka Clean Man a.k.a Black Elvis a.k.a Willie Biggs a.k.a Mr. Gerbick aka Reverend Tom, our favorite schitzo brings us First Come First Served. Sort Of a sequel to the heavily felt Dr. Octagon CD. A couple of elements are missing from the Kool Keith formula like Qbert on the wheels of steel and Automator, the main producer behind the Octogon project. But Dooom is different from his predecessor, the new Dr. spits out frustrated rhymes against just about everybody, from Nas to Chinese people.

The LP starts out with an intro in which Dr. Octagon has to see a 'patient' and it just so happens to be Dooom who shoots him and that’s where the chaos begins. Kutmaster Kurt keeps the same type of production for the Dooom project with a dark futuristic feel that suit Keith’s rhymes well. On songs like 'No chorus' and 'You Live At Home With Your Mom' Keith just goes for blood with his rhymes like "You couldn't rap with me if we was twins stuck together-- you'd be the deformed one... catchin' a warm one." Dr. Dooom isn’t afraid to point fingers and does so, examples of this are "Tryin' to act large in a video in Nevada / you fuckin' pink maggot / I'll take your mic, you can't have it" aimed right at Nas Esco.

Kool Keith at times just seems flat out mean. On 'Leave Me Alone' Dooom spits out "While white boys run black music with a Japanese assistant / What the fuck does a Chinese know about the rap game? That’s a shame."

But on the real, Keith’s battle rhymes just seem humorous and make you think who and what pissed this guy off? 'First Come First Served' is a compilation of Keith spitting out disgruntled battle rhymes over some dark beats by Kutmaster Kurt. Definitely a different type of CD for new Kool Keith fans but for the ones who have been around this is nothing new.

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