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written by Hugo Lunny    
Now, I'm not going to act like I've been a long time Eightball & MJG fan. I didn't really hear much of their shit, apart from odd tracks until 'Lost' Eightball's first solo LP which went double platinum. Now, though it wasn't amazing it had some nice cuts. And, that made me check some of their older material. MJG also released a solo, but, it didn't do as well as Eightball's LP, it only managed to sell enough to go gold.

Before anyone Eightball & MJG fan starts bitching to me about the score, (you know the drill, it's too low or whatever) I'd like you to know that I've had my hands on it for a while and I've listened to it repeatedly until now, because now I feel I have a very focused and in my opinion, accurate view on what this LP is like.

The title has received a lot of criticism due to the fact that it appears to have been bitten from Jay-Z, but just slightly altered (Jay-Z having the LP title 'In My Lifetime volume 1). But, other than that, the majority of this LP contains a lot of somewhat original material. And, in most cases they're performed very well.

'Speed' is one of the better tracks that showcase originality. The beats are created in a way to make you feel as if you're traveling at high speeds with Eightball and MJG rapping along with the beat perfectly, matching their pace with the beat. Another quite original track is 'Paid Dues' which features Cee-Lo. The duo talk about what they went through to get signed, they also talk about what happened in their earlier rap history. It's rhymed really well and is very descriptive, Cee-Lo has the perfect singing voice for the track's hook, plus with some very fitting beats this creates one of the LP's better cuts.

'In Our Lifetime volume 1' has quite a few average tracks. 'We Started This,' 'Daylight' and 'Belly' are perfect examples of this. They have some nice, usually well fitting beats but contain no really outstanding rhymes plus they have some somewhat corny hooks, which don't really do anything other than decrease the quality of the music. There are too many of these types of tracks on the LP. A lot of them could have been made a lot better had the hook been left out/altered.

The LP features some pretty deep tracks too. 'Love Hurts' and 'Nobody But Me' show more depth than anything else here. 'Love Hurts' talks about trust and parts of life in general. Then you have 'Nobody But Me' which talks about identity. They talk about the fact that they can't be anyone but themselves no matter who or what wants to mould them. Both these tracks show their skills in a very good light.

As I begin to put an end to my review I feel that I have to mention two of the best tracks on the LP; 'Don't Flex' and 'Throw Your Hands Up' featuring Outkast. Both tracks seem like potential club hits, but both also are well created and feature some dope rhymes. 'Don't Flex' has a sort of sexual flavour, the mood is set and the lyrics say it all. 'Throw Your Hands Up' has some really nice beats and adding Outkast to a cut is never a bad move.

Overall, this is a really nice LP and has a lot of good points, but it does have it's bad ones too. Definitely worth checking out though.

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