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From the first time I heard Eminem (1997 on the 'Slim Shady EP') I was immediately a fan. I then checked out his album 'Infinite' which didn't really grab me as much as the EP, but seeing as the EP was more recent I decided to keep a look out for any future appearances of his.

Eminem hasn't failed in any way to impress me both on the singles that he's dropped and the appearances that he's made. During the last year Eminem has collaborated with everyone from Bizarre to Da Ruckus. None of his appearances have been disappointing which is also a good sign.

In 1998 it was announced that he was signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Label and would soon drop an album, in October of '98 he dropped the 'Just Don't Give A F*ck'(Aftermath Remix)/'Brain Damage' single, which wet the appetites of his fans pretty well and in early '99 he released a promo which has taken the world by storm. That being the 'My Name Is' single. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the audiences he's appealing to and whether his inevitable success will change his style, but for now, we have his album 'Slim Shady LP' to explore.

Any fan of Eminem knows that he can describe the most horrifying scenes or crude references and add a twist to make you laugh. It's sick, but very true. Throughout his album he does this, from the line on 'My Name Is' "Raping lesbians while they're screamin' / Let's Just be friends !" to 'Role Model' with "So if I said I don't do drugs / It would mean I lie and get f*cked more than the president does / Hilary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert / I ripped her f*ckin' tonsils out and fed her sherbert." It's safe to say that when Eminem said on 'Just Don't Give A F*ck' that he didn't, he was telling us the truth.

The album features a lot of variety, he has some songs which have him acting all full of himself and then he has some which show him being depressed. This is shown on tracks such as 'If I Had' and 'Rockbottom.' 'Rockbottom' being the track which really does show you a side to him which has him seeming kind of suicidal. The beats are very mood setting and it shows another side to his personality.

Throughout this album Eminem showcases various skills, the best, I think, is his ability to describe a situation and tell a story within it. This is probably best seen on 'My Fault,' a track in which he talks about convincing a girl he met to take some 'magic mushrooms,' she takes too many and, well, check the track on the link below. Summed up. Dope.

A track which needs to be mentioned is 'Cum On Everybody.' This track is hillarious ! It's his 'dance song' and is filled with comedic lines suck as "I step on stage infront of a sell-out crowd and yell out loud / All y'all get the hell out now / F*ck rap / I'm givin' it up y'all I'm sorry (But Eminem this is your record release party!)."

The 'Slim Shady LP' also has the classic 'Just Don't Give A F*ck' on here, though it isn't the original, the lyrics are still there and then you have the dope sequel which I seem to find myself constantly repeating 'Still Don't Give A F*ck.' On that, he seems as if during the intro he's apologizing for his lyrics and actions, then he turns around and proves to you that he isn't. Soon after, you get a set of dope beats and some great rhymes.

Overall, Eminem has come out with one dope album. Eminem fans will not be disappointed as he unleashes a dope album. I hope though, with the guaranteed success he will gain from this release, that he doesn't change his style in any way. Anyway, in short, pick this up!

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