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The first time that I remember hearing Eve was on The Roots 'You Got Me.' She came off reasonably well, but it wasn't really outstanding. I then heard a lot more of her when the Ruff Ryders blew up, but still, I wasn't really into the material she had on their compilation. And, before hearing this album, I can't say that I was really bothered about her, if I did, I'd be lying.

However, with that said, I have to say that this is not a bad LP. Initially, along with her other material, I wasn't really feeling it. 'Gotta Man' was being played on every street corner, and rather than listen to it, I just became annoyed. The same thing applied to this LP the first few times I heard it. But, it has grown on me, its grown on me quite a lot.

The LP begins with a weird sort of sing a long Intro, and then you get into the first cut from 'Ruff Ryders First Lady;' 'Let's Talk About' featuring Drag-On. This track is, on the whole, how most of the LP is (there are exceptions of this). The track features Eve and Drag-On trading verses, the lyrics aren't particularly impressive, and though the beats aren't bad, they aren't brilliant. This track is the type of thing that will put you off of the LP, but don't let it.

After that you have the previously released single; 'Gotta Man,' a track which is ever so slightly appealing, however, if you're male, I wouldn't suggest singing along. The beat is okay, and the lyrics aren't bad, but it (as I've previously stated in reference to 'Let's Talk About') falls into the category of not bad, but not impressive.

The fact is, this track has (for me) three tracks which I really enjoy, and arguably, these would make the LP worth purchasing alone. The main one is 'Love Is Blind.' I really do think this track is dope, Eve talks about how her friend is abused by her friend's husband, and how his abuse eventually kills her, so, Eve takes it upon herself to get revenge. It's well written, and Eve flows well, plus the relatively mellow beats and well sung hook all combine to create a really good track.

I also thoroughly enjoy the 'Jigga My Nigga' remix; 'Scenario 2000.' It features the Ruff Ryders click, and apart from Drag-On's verse, I really feel it's a nice cut. It wasn't that great the first time round, however, it grew on me, and now I'm really feeling it.

Overall, Eve really didn't come up with an LP that I really enjoy a lot, however, with tracks like 'Love Is Blind,' Eve exhibits her true talent. I hope that if/when she comes with her next LP, she rhymes and creates material at the level of that track, rather than the majority of the material on this LP of which in comparison, I consider relatively feeble.

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