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written by Hugo Lunny    
Firstly, I'd like to tell you all that I've had this CD for about 3 weeks and I've heard it all the way through quite a few times. Though 5.0 may look like a very low score, implying that it's really shitty, it's in a way misleading. A 5.0 means very average material.

One thing this site is notorious for is giving LP's honest, fair reviews. Any style gets reviewed in the same way. So, each time I played the CD I gave it an honest open minded listen. Just so you know 'Full Contact Sports' is a compilation of new music from the Southern independent label VSZ Music. Anyway, one thing which all emcees on this CD seem to be good at is saying the word "Nigga." Practically every song has it repeated about 30 times, and, it sticks out. It's annoying and not necessary as most times it has no relevance to what's being said. The lyrics aren't too good for the majority of tracks and to fill in spaces the emcees just add "Nigga."

The CD is quite long, and, it feels that way. Though some tracks do grow on you, a lot of them don't. Tracks like 'Cruisin' Down 285' and 'P.A.R.T.N.A.S.'(Playas About Reality Together Never Around Suckas) do grow on you after a while but initially they aren't too appealing, lyrically the material is not that impressive. Where as tracks like 'U-Aye' and 'Not Convinced' aren't really that impressive and though they may at first seem original, when you listen to the content you will realize that they definitely aren't.

'Fakes' is a nicely produced track, but it just talks about stupid shit. It talks about people betraying them etc. and how if you see someone who has betrayed them, don't hesitate to "Let off some rounds - uh huh." This track is un-original, and the lack of originality combined with the ignorant lyrics create a pretty stupid cut.

The whole compilation is produced well, the beats fit the tracks themes though the lyrics spoil the cuts unfortunately.

'Full Contact Sports' has an intro taken from a perspective of someone within a team being hyped up by their coach. Though this has no real relevance to the review, I thought I'd tell you it actually had me hyped for the rest of the material, sadly I was pretty disappointed. The compilation also features three skits, one of them, named 'The Professor' has someone with an intelligent sounding voice ranting and raving, it made me grin, but not laugh as I think that was the intention.

The title cut; 'Full Contact Sports' is probably the compilations finest cut. The rhymes are actually quite good and the production is brilliant. It's sad that there's only one really outstanding cut, but, anyway.

Overall, the majority of the lyrics aren't anything too amazing, if anything, a lot of the lyrics are the exact opposite. There are some good lyrics and some well produced tracks, however, there isn't enough outstanding material to make this compilation anything more than average.

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