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Weightless Recordings have released yet more high quality product but chances are you haven’t checked for any of it yet. Well they already came through with the fabulous ‘Up to speed EP’ from Greenhouse Effect so now its time for a full length from another signing called Illogic.

‘The Unforseen Shadow’ is a collection of great tracks from this emcee with the backing of Weightless in house producer Blueprint, who if you don’t know has some amazing talent behind the boards. The 2 have crafted an album that flows from beginning to end with clever rhymes and original beats to match. ‘What it takes’ is our first offering on this 14 track release, this is Illogic’s philosophy on what it takes to become an emcee where he’s comes with"It takes discovering your faults and seeking a remedy / it takes some illogical thinking in this rational world / it takes passiveness and confrontation, rebellion and conformation / it takes an open and a closed mind/ it takes a lack of compromise and finding some truth in lies." A powerful start already, from those lines you should already gain the knowledge that this guy is strong on the mic.

From beginning to end of this album you find out Illogics diversity, he's a battle emcee, an emcee who’s clever with words, one who can story tell and one who can just straight up rhyme. In the same vein as ‘What it takes’ he just straight up rhymes alongside Blueprint on the albums early classic moment of ‘Favorite things’. Both emcees go toe to toe in EPMD fashion and basically break down what’s their favorite things in hip hop and you can’t do nothing but agree with what they are both saying over a beautifully layered beat full of strings bells and a haunting vocal loop. The battling comes on the tracks such as ‘Blaow’ and ‘Check it out’ which he already pre labels with ‘Battlejoint’. ‘Check it out’ is definitely the more appealing of the 2 tracks as a minimal beat shuffling to Illogics rhymes grows with a film like sample and horn to compliment this to the highest, its simplicity is its beauty.

‘Angel: Encounter on the streets of Gold’ is yet another shining star on this album and for independent hip hop in 1999. With the same sort of vibe as Binary Stars ‘Glen Close’, Illogic displays his storytelling gift and complex word delivery at the same time as he describes his meeting with perfection with intense description over yet another gracefully constructed Blue Print backdrop. The intensity of my listening grows to further heights when I listened to ‘hate in a puddle’ and ‘Tale of a Griot’, the latter displaying the most manic production and molecular stimulating rhymes of the album as it closes.

Its hard to find flaws here, its not because its independent hip hop, its because its honest music, but that score is not short of a perfect 10 for nothing. I found myself pressing the fast forward button on ‘Blaow’ which should have has me hyped but among these other jewels on the album it lacks the pace early on. ‘Me Vs Myself featuring I’ also lacked in an area I can’t pinpoint, it’s a good track but it should have been amazing but maybe that’s me being fussy. But basically that’s it. Faults are minimal. Illogic and Blueprint deserve to succeed and with quality like this I got my money on them already.

I not only recommend you to pick this up, I urge you to otherwise you’ll be missing out on some great hip hop, and I mean hip hop. Whatever weightless have to offer in the future I am definitely waiting on cos these guys seem to have nothing but talent and with the amount of shit being churned out into my speakers it makes a change to find something that’s a pleasure to listen to. So if you want a piece of the action go over to and pick up a copy.

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