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written by Hugo Lunny    
The previous title of the LP ‘A Long Time Comin’ is pretty accurate, since I first heard Junior M.A.F.I.A. a few years ago, I have/had been frequently told that Cease would be dropping his LP soon. Lil’ Kim did, and Biggie dropped another LP, but he didn’t drop anything, until now. I’m not gonna front, there were a few joints on Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s LP that I was feeling, but the majority of it wasn’t really to my liking. And as for eagerly anticipating a Lil’ Cease LP, that was pretty far from my mind. But a few years of hype, will drum up an interest in people.

‘The Wonderful World Of Cease A Leo’ kicks off with one of the worst intros I have heard. Lil’ Cease goes on about not wanting/not having an intro on his LP, yet, he goes on about it on an intro labeled ‘No Intro.’ Confused? Well, it isn’t really confusing; basically Cease has an intro called ‘No Intro’ where he complains. After that, some pretty nice beats kick in as the track ‘No Dangerous’ begins. The track has some okay rhyming, and a well-placed hook, which features Busta Rhymes, as a start to the LP, this isn’t bad. As the album progresses, you hear more well created beats. The track which follows 'No Dangerous,' 'Get Out Of Our Way,' actually features quite a good verse from Puffy. It isn't a briliant verse by most emcees standards, but by his it is. Though the beats are quite nice, and Puffy drops a nice verse, Cease and the hook really don't do anything for the track.

There are a fair share of tracks on the LP which are quite good, 'Play Around' and 'Everything' are pretty good examples of this. The rhymes are pretty well done, and the beats compliment Cease as well as the featured guests.

Something you'll notice from this LP is that there are a lot of guests. Redman appears on the oddly titled 'Future Sport,' Puffy is littered all around the LP, Kim makes an appearance on 'Play Around'(which was previously released as the LP's lead single), Jay-Z contributes to '4 My Niggaz' and though there are more appearances, I feel I've proven my point.

This LPs flaws are a little too prominent. A lot of tracks feature pretty pointless subjects, badly done hooks and of course, there are Lil' Cease's lyrics. Unfortunately, Cease isn't as good as the man he constantly mentions on the LP, I'm talking about Biggie of course. Another point in which the LP flaws is it's attempts at funny interludes. The reason they're flawed is because they're just not funny.

This album is of course for Biggie. 'Everything' is probably the most prominent dedication track to him, it features 112 and slightly alters, but basically re-uses Mary J. Blige's 'Everything' beat. Over the LP Cease mentions Biggie several times, he even uses samples of Biggie mentioning him for an 'Outro,' which really does feel weird.

Overall, 'The Wonderful World Of Cease A Leo' may be wonderful to Cease A Leo, but when put into music, it isn't wonderful to the rest of us, just average.

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