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In the early 90's a group by the name of KMD dropped a classic yet highly slept on album entitled 'Mr. Hood.' That was the last time most heads heard of KMD until now. Former KMD member Zen Love X, has abandoned everything and returned as MF Doom (Metal Fingers). Situated on Bobbito's super label Fondle 'Em Records, MF Doom has been dropping ill 12" singles for quite some time. Now, in 1999 those 12" singles have been warped up along with several new tracks into a pleasing complete package.

The album's first cut 'Doomsday' is quick to show what this album is all about. To be brief it's not "typical" loop and chorus Hip-Hop. It's more on the same vibe as Company Flow, that being uncompromising. Where a chorus should be it turns out to be missing in action or replaced with crazed scratching. Verses are and were most likely never edited or touched up. The thing is the album comes off dope as hell. It's banging from the side 'zero' to side 'three' and it carries a good and consistent vibe.

As you get into the album you have 'Rhymes Like Dimes' (featuring Bobbito), which has MF spiting an ill freestyle over a nice chill beat. On 'The Finest,' MF comes a bit harder with the help of Tommy Gunn. They rhyme back and fourth and create an amazing track that continues to hold the album up. As you move on to 'Side One,' you have tracks like 'Tick, Tick,' (also an MF Grimm single). On this track the other Metal Fingers rhymer, MF Grimm, appears and straight up regulates the songs as he "slows it up and speed it up". He drops some ill lines such as "Pick niggas off as they ballin' / and die old like Stalin". Continuing on your journey, you'll hit 'Hey!.' It features an excellent Scooby Doo sample, which makes the track and made the 12" version a success. As you finish the album, you realize how it's excellently sown together by the skits. It features a rack of Fantastic Four skits (from the old cartoon), and they really help to give the album a good theme. They also, as I mentioned before, bring it all together and make it a complete package.

In the long time I've spent trying to review this album, I've become really fond of it. It's a great album to listen to when you're just chilling alone and want some music flowing. While the album is for the most part really chill, it does have some hard-hitting lyrical bangers. Yet it brings you right back into its mellow feel with extreme ease. I can't recommend this record enough to some heads. It's just great, but it does hold one flaw. The flaw unfortunately can be in the listener. This isn't for the average Hip-Hop fan. If you can't open yourself to artist like Kool Keith or Company Flow (more on the production tip) then you may not enjoy this album or think of it as highly as I have. On the other hand if you find yourself looking for something different then 'Operation Doomsday' was designed to leave you happy.

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