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written by Hugo Lunny    
Now the situation that happened with the review of this LP was one that I like happening. An independent artist/group gets in contact with me and says "Can you review our LP on your site?" Now, why would I say no? Especially when I was gonna go out and buy their LP anyway.

Mountain Brothers have been slept on way too much, I'm hoping this review will at least generate a few more sales because, basically, I feel they deserve a lot more sales than as independents they can obtain.

The LP generates various feelings. The majority of them are ones, which you can just kick back to and enjoy or laugh at. 'Fluids' for example flows really well with some pretty nice beats and some dope lyrics. Though they don't stick to the subject much on the track it works out well. The hook is cool and with all the factors combined you get an overall dope track.

The thing that I'm really getting pissed off about these days is emcees always showing us the really negative sides of life. I mean it's obvious, there are bad things in this world but their LP doesn't need to consist entirely of tracks which do little but make you depressed. A few is cool, it's expression, but, having 16 cuts telling us why there is nothing to live for, well, it isn't too uplifting. The Mountain Brothers LP is one which talks about some of the perils they've had to go through but it combines together with some fun, well created, hip hop cuts.

Some of the tracks which I'm really feeling are 'Galaxies : The Next Level,' 'Paperchase,' and 'The Adventures of....' The best probably being 'The Adventures of...' in which each member of the group talks like they're a superhero. Peril-l raps about being 'extraterrestrial average Joe,' Styles raps about being 'the cosmic pimp' and Chops raps about being 'the magnificent butcher.' It's all done really well and can be summed up with one word. Dope.

The LP features quite a few funny interludes. 'Love Poetry' is one of the LP's funniest. It has Chops singing some 'Love Poetry' cracking you up with lines like "If you were a face / And love was a fight / Then I would re-arrange you / Oh yes I just might." If you pick up this LP you're sure to laugh at that. Oh, and if you didn't laugh at the quote it's because you didn't hear it along with the beats behind it, the interlude is funny.

The quality of the lyrics throughout the album is really consistent, however, some of the beats and hooks don't really do it for me. Some seem to be forced and don't fit in. A cut which feels like it shouldn't be on the album is 'Oh-Oh-Oh' it's a sort of 2 Live Crew type dance cut, it's a cool cut, but, it's definitely out of place on this LP.

Few LP's these days only feature the artist or the group without any guests. This is one of them, and I think it works out better that way. They compliment one another really well.

Overall, a really nice LP. If you have the chance to get this album, I strongly suggest you do. Check for more information.

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