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written by Philip Oliver    
Going the Indy route can never be easy for an artist, add to this the fact that you ain’t from NY and your Asian (Which shouldn’t be an issue but with closed minded people it is) things are made even more complicated. Luckily the Mountain Brothers are good enough to make it and have an underground fan base that is envied among other Indy heads. For those who don’t know this album has been around for a little while but we’re picking up on it now so hopefully you’ll go out and buy it.

In what can become a stagnant state of hip hop; the mountain brothers have come in with that lyrical air freshener. It seems more and more kids from Philadelphia are coming out with nice material and this is a prime example. From the moment I popped this tape in the intro let me know I was in for an hour’s worth of next shit. ‘Galaxies’ the first track comes off nice, each emcee is distinctive and the beat is pretty good too, sort of Ummah-ish and these guys just fuck with the vocoder for fun. Tribe comparisons can be made to a lot of material here but also comparisons to Jurassic 5, the Beatnuts, De La and an overall love for the throwback ethics of the old school, so if you check for that you’ll like this stuff. Things plod on nicely but there’s no real flow to the arrangement of tracks. The overall feel of this album is a solid debut and ‘Paper chase’ is one of those tracks that really stood out among things along with ‘Whiplash’.

Subject matter is pretty varied on here so don’t expect the same-same, tracks like ‘day job’ takes a pretty good look at their work outside of hip hop which we all have to hold down. But there’s also ‘brand names’ and ‘days of being dumb’ talking bout way back, something we can all relate to as we all know we’re wiser as we’re older. The mountain brothers prove that they are down to earth guys who go through the same hardships and life problems as all of us maybe that’s what makes them stand out from the competition. They also know how to make us laugh with parodies of other forms of hip-hop. On ‘Love poetry’ they drop some corny ass lines about ‘if you was doo-doo I’d be your stink’ this shit was real funny over a type of ‘I need love’ beat that sounds like it was made on some kids cheap Casio keyboard. Along with that you have ‘oh oh oh’ which I hope is taking the piss with the Miami bass driven production and chants, yeah its gotta be a parody! Otherwise this is just shit!

Take my advice do yourself a favor and click over to (After you’ve seen everything we have to offer of course) and pick up something different and fresh for your collection because you won’t be disappointed.

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