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Over the past few months we've premiered and showcased a lot of Mobb Deep material on this site which allegedly was going to appear on this LP, 'Murda Musik.' Well, about 75% of it has shown up here, but the 25% of which didn't show up, are mostly dope tracks which possibly will remain unreleased. Maybe they'll turn up on soundtracks, who knows. Anyway, let me continue....

Mobb Deep aren't new cats and contrary to popular belief, this isn't their third LP, it's their fourth. It's their third on Loud Records but before they signed with Loud they had already released their first LP, 'Juvenile Hell.' Well, several years later, after releasing two more LPs and going through many trials and tribulations, they've created 'Murda Musik,' an LP which sticks to their dark format. They've previously recorded music with content that has been less than uplifting, talking about murder and death in depth. This LP really isn't much of an exception. It continues to contain tracks which talk about murder, however, it does contain some tracks on a deeper level with the same sort of theme. The best example being 'Where Ya At.'

'Where Ya Heart At' features a really well created beat setting up a sorrow filled vibe. Prodigy basically rhymes about death, and the hook "Have you ever lost a loved one / You've never understood love 'till you've lost one / Where ya heart at / I left mines behind with my dearly departed / Where ya heart at?". It's one of the times in which you're left confused, because amidst all of the thug style-bragging and boasting about their murderous deeds, they show a little compassion.

The previously released 'Quiet Storm' is on here, and if you haven't already picked up the 12" with that on, I strongly advise that you do. It has a really well created beat and some nice rhymes. Another track which was previously released (it was featured on 'The Corruptor' soundtrack) is 'Allustrious,' another track which showcases some nice beats and cocky, threatening rhymes. Of course, Tha Real got our hands on quite a lot of material from this LP, the track 'Guns, Money, Pussy' (formerly entitled 'NYC') is one of my favourite tracks on the LP. It has some really smooth beats and the usual Mobb Deep persona shines through.

'Feel My Gat Blow,' 'Murda Muzik' and 'Nobody Likes Me' are further examples of Mobb Deep creating some dope tracks. Smooth, well created beats and dope rhymes created a feel, which only Havoc can create. Plus, it's worth listening to Mobb Deep tracks a lot rather then hearing them a few times and making a judgement, they do grow on you over time.

There are quite a few guests on the LP, including Big Noyd, Kool G Rap, Eightball and Cormega. With the exception of Eightball, the featured guests perform with The Infamous on dope tracks. Kool G Rap drops some nice lyrics on 'The Realest,' Big Noyd pops up a few times and Cormega flows well on 'How You Want It.' But, on one of (in my opinion) the LP's worst tracks, 'Where You From,' Eightball drops an okay verse (Ha! Didn't think I'd say that did you?). The main problem with the track is adding Mobb Deep. The beats don't suit them at all, they do suit Eightball but this isn't Eightball's LP.

So far, I've on the whole only spoken about the better parts of the LP. There are a lot of those, but there are also a fair share of mediocre tracks. 'Hoe Gonna Be A Hoe' is probably the best example of this. The subject matter isn't anything special in the slightest and has been done many times before, plus, it has been done before and made into something better than this. Another example is 'Fuck That Bitch.' The name explains the subject matter pretty well and over less than average beats, the duo rhyme in a very average manner, definitely not showcasing their skills.

After hearing many tracks from this LP, I wasn't as hyped as I was after I'd heard 'Hell On Earth.' However, this LP did impress me, it has its low points but they are outshined by its finer moments.

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