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written by Hugo Lunny    
It's been a little while since we've seen an LP by Naughty By Nature, four years I think, anyway. They've recently dropped their fourth LP, being of course 'Nineteen Naught Nine: Nature's Fury,' and, as per usual. I'm here to tell you what it's like.

Now, I've heard people call Naughty By Nature 'commercial' and I've had them referred to as 'hardcore,' I myself wouldn't refer to them as either, but rather a group who makes good, enjoyable tracks. Most of their tracks have some sort of catchy hook, sometimes (well, usually) sung by an rn'b singer. And, that format regularly works for them. Though it isn't always fitting to people's tastes, it is always done well.

Lyrically Naughty By Nature aren't too bad, they're no Ras Kass, but they are pretty skilled. Tracks on this LP, which they stand out with their lyrics on include; 'Dirt All By My Lonely,' a cut on which they basically state that they do things alone, and 'Would've Done The Same For Me.' A cut where they talk about doing things because well, as the title says, their people would have done the same for them.

The LP has quite a few guests, Big Punisher guests on 'We Could Do It,' Mag and Krayzie Bone drop some rhymes on the pretty weak track 'Thugs & Hustlers,' Master P, Silkk The Shocker and Mystikal drop some rhymes on 'Live Or Die' and sprawled all over the LP is none other than Phiness.

The best (my favourite) track on this LP is 'Ring The Alarm.' It has some really dope beats, a well-performed hook and overall, a very well produced track. Another track, which is arguably one of the LP's best is 'Work' featuring Mag and Castro. People may recognize this cut from the 'Caught Up' soundtrack released last year. Some nice rhymes, a dope hook and dope beats make this one of the LP's better tracks.

I have to say though, that I've preferred their older LP's. This doesn't stand up to them too well. Tracks like 'Holiday' and 'Jamboree' are just a couple of examples of weak cuts. The rn'b hooks don't work amazingly well, though they have some nice beats, the combination of the beats, lyrics and those hooks just don't appeal to me. 'Thugs & Hustlers' featuring Mag & Krayzie Bone is another track, which falls short of being anything worth paying attention to. It's lyrically pretty foul and other aspects which go into creating a good track are pretty much ignored. This is not one of the better cuts on this LP by any means.

Overall, a very well produced LP which is pretty good. But not Naughty's best. If you're looking for Naughty at their best, check out their first one. This is nice, but it could have been better.

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