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Naughty By Nature, possibly the most famous group out of N.J, drop the anticipated album, Nature's Fury. This album has been hyped up in the last months with singles Dirt All By My Lonely and Live Or Die, which had videos for them also. These tracks got me very excited for this and I thought it would possibly be Naughty’s best. But I was a little disappointed after the 9 times I have listened to this LP.

The CD starts out with an intro the follows with 'Ring The Alarm' which is a nice cut with Treach and Vinny both dropping dope lyrics but the hook gets kind of annoying after the 3rd or 4th time Treach repeats it. This follows with the CD’s best track 'Dirt All By My Lonely' this song is undeniably one of the best songs out there right now. It’s Naughty at it’s best with Treach and Vinny with their best performances in awhile and Kay Gee with some real nice production on this. Peep This track most definitely. 'Holiday' featuring Phiness is a party type track and is a good song but nothing spectacular. The many cameos on this cd kind of put it down because they really don’t fit well with Naughty’s style. 'Live Or Die' is a good track but would be great if the No Limit crew didn’t drop any verses on it because like we all know No Limit aren’t emcees more like marketing ploys by Rap Mogul Master P. On 'work’ featuring Mag & Castro none of the emcees flow well on the track and the beat is nothing to be excited about. 'We Could Do it’ featuring Big Pun is decent because for some reason Pun decides to sing and the hook is terrible. But everyone drop dope verses so it makes up for the stupid hook. 'The Blues' with Next is decent with hilarious verses from Treach about him and his women’s sex life. It features some nice relaxed beats, recommended. Songs like 'Radio' and 'On The Run' makes me want to break this cd. The beats are so terrible that they attack my eardrums, definite tracks to be fast-forwarded on. Most of the songs on the cd sound dope the first couple times you listen to it but as you listen to it more it becomes worse and worse.

Nature’s Fury isn’t a bad cd but it’s far from great. The production brings it down a lot because the main reason most of the tracks are annoying is the fact that the beats suck. Treach and Vinny are both really good emcees and deserve recognition for it. I don’t exactly recommend buying the CD but if you REALLY like Naughty By Nature go and cop it, you’ll like it.

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