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To make a few things clear, I was never a big OGC fan. I did buy their first album though (expecting a lot after hearing the Fab 5 songs with Heltah Skeltah). But when I first listened to 'Da Storm,' I wasn't to thrilled with my purchase. Starang Wondah was nice on most of the tracks but his partners failed to catch my interest. It seemed unbalanced and had me anticipating a Starang solo album but I didn't wait too long. In the end I basically forgot about OGC all together. Hearing that they had a new album coming soon didn't get me real excited, because of their fellow Duck Down associates coming so weak on their sophomore albums, I figured OGC would do the same, I was wrong.

I figured for OGC to catch my interest again they would have to come out shooting and thats probably why their first track is called 'Shoot To Kill.' The track has a little Western type sample in the background giving it a real chill feel. This is one of the standout tracks on this improved LP. The next track, 'M-pire Strikes Back' sounds like one of those old grimy songs that Duck Down is known for, the only thing I don't like about the track is the corny title but Rock doing the chorus give the track an extra grimy feeling makes up for it. That begins the album, making it very good and very promising.

As the album progresses it slowly falls in terms of quality. Tracks like 'I Feel Like I Feel' and 'The Big Ooh' are listenable but won't get heavy rotation like some of the other gems on this album. It seems as if the album picks up with a good start but then falls by the waist a little in the middle. Recognize when I say this it doesn't mean these tracks aren't good, it's just that they should've been arranged in a different order because the similarities in the songs make them tiresome after a couple of listens.

None of the tracks on this album are wack. However, though the middle of the album is nice, it's not very attention grabbing until the track 'Suspect Niggaz,' which is probably one of the albums best tracks, next to the following brilliant track, 'Dirtiest Players In The Game.' 'Dirtiest Players In The Game' is a Fab 5 reunion and is extremely sick, it makes up for the weaker tracks on the album. The last track of the album, 'Boot Camp + MFC' is okay but is nothing special. It's just everyone dropping little verses.

Me being such a 'doubting Thomas' on OGC's skill level would have made me miss out on a pretty nice album by these three MCs. Overall this album is dope and people who doubted OGC should check this album and be prepared to be impressed. This album does have its slow moments but nothing close to wack. This is an album really does grow on you. All Duck Down fans should be happy to see a sophomore album that's on point.

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