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You always knew the man was crazy. Before the arrests, before the rehab, before naming himself Big Baby Jesus, you knew the man's brain was twisted. And with his latest album, he takes you there with him.

*Warning* If you are looking for any semblance of anything you ever done heard before, this ain't your shit.

Now, Dirt ain't a master lyricist by any means, but he is one thing; a true emcee.

On his latest inebriated creation, ODB comes with something that can only be described as 100% Ol' Dirty. I think each track needs to be broken down, so, here's the breakdown:

'Recognize' - Dirt is nice, but the beat is weak and ZU Keeper don't add to it.

'I Can't Wait' - Classic ODB over another jacked TV theme song...Dirt rips it lovely shouting out everyone from Suge Knight to Eskimos to submarines to himself.

'Cold Blooded' - Osirus covers a Rick James track and does it only how he can.

'Got Your Money' - Dirt over another weak Neptunes track...never know why this was a single.

'Rollin' Wit' You' - tight-ass beat and Dirt Mcgirt rides it nice while speaking on how "the white mothafuckas be trying to take over your shit."

'Getting' High' - 12 O' Clock, La the Darkman and Shorty Shit Stain drop average verses over a hot 'Buddha Monk beat....Dirt should have saved this for himself.

'You Can't Fuck With Me' - Big Baby Jesus keeps with the title over some nice trumpets.
'Nigga Please' - RZA shows he's still one of the best at beatmakin', and the Bastard talks, what else, shit.

'Dirt Dog' - more of the same.

'I Want Pussy' - these titles are telling the story.

'Good Morning Heartache' - Dirt does a soulful duet for a change of pace.

'All In Together Now' - dope True Master beat and the Dirt Dog rips it, even getting a lil' conscious.

'Cracka Jack' - bonus track with a nice beat and a good performance by Ol' Dirty.

Overall, this is an outstanding ODB album, but, it's only an good hip-hop album because Dirt's style is so love/hate. Dirt fans: enjoy.

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