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There is absolutely no disputing the fact that Public Enemy are a very well known and pretty successful rap group. From 'Yo ! Bum Rush The Show' in 1987, to 1998's 'He Got Game' soundtrack, Public Enemy have been musically delivering their thoughts and feelings to those wishing to listen.

Plus, throughout the past few years, Chuck D has caused controversy by continuing his quest to have what's right put into practice and voicing his opinions. Everyone should know about Chuck putting up 'Swindlers Lust' in mp3 on the Public Enemy website, causing controversy and problems with the groups label, Def Jam. I interviewed Chuck around that time (you can check it in the Interviews section) and got a lot of interesting answers. Continuing revolutionizing things, this LP is being sold online in both the mp3 format and on CD prior to being released in stores. When it is released in stores, it also will be sold on Zip disks.

'There's A Poison Goin' On' features 13 tracks, an intro and an outro (which isn't officially listed). The LP starts off with 'Dark Side Of The Wall 2000' a scratched up introduction featuring some thought provoking samples, yet confusing. This short intro sets up the feel of the LP, which caused confused feelings. Determining my exact thoughts on this LP took a very long time, I've heard it about thirty times, and only now have I managed to come up with (what I think is) an accurate view of what it's like.

'Swindlers Lust,' the previously released (in mp3 only) track is placed on here at the end, right before a well-spoken outro. The track talks about artists being screwed over by record labels, in the sense that they make the tracks, and the label makes all the money. It's got some nice beats, but initially I wasn't too impressed with it. Over time, it grew on me. Also, their single, 'Do You Wanna Go Our Way?' is on here. This track is probably one of the LP's best; it features some really energetic beats and an enthusiastic Chuck D.

Some of the LP's better tracks include 'Here I Go' and 'Crayola.' 'Here I Go' features some nice lyrics and nice beats, it begins with the lines "Here I go / I don't give a damn if you with me / Stupdity / Shit I'm the reverse of jiggy." A nice start, however, Chuck isn't really saying anything in particular. He's basically just rhyming about anything which finishes with a word that rhymes with the previous last word on his last line (you should be able to understand what I just said). Though it doesn't stick to any specific subject, it is quite a good track minus the line "Fuck ya critics." I would have thought that Chuck would be someone understand that everyone is a critic, regardless of whether you make your opinion widely known or not. 'Crayola' is the type of track which we seem to be hearing a lot, it's subject matter is based around fake rappers and people saying/doing things to sell records. It's well created.

Production of this LP is very well done. There's a healthy amount of Terminator X and even a bit of RZA (the piano loop on 'Crash'). But, it isn't all good. For instance, 'Crash,' despite the RZA created piano loop, isn't one of the better tracks. The beats give it a very weird feel, they aren't smooth enough for my liking and though Chuck D is almost shouting on the track, and the subject matter of everything eventually crashing is well thought out, the track isn't created well enough for me to say it's good. Then there's 'World Tour Sessions,' a very bland feeling track with a pretty average hook and average lyrics, nothing really special.

Overall, Public Enemy have returned with a pretty good LP, not their best, but still worth checking out.

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