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Once again MC Eiht comes strapped, but this time, he's better than ever. MC Eiht is now signed to Mack 10’s Hoo Bangin’ and is working a lot with the WSCG nowadays.

Some of the better tracks on this LP include 'Caution,' some old West Coast gangsta shit (and I mean that in a good way), and the lead single 'Automatic,' where MC Eiht just kicks some rugged G-shit.

The album features a follow up to 'The Hood Got Me Under,' which funnily enough is cleverly entitled 'Tha Hood Still Got Me Under.' This is a pretty deep track, and features the Mack 10-discovered lady-trio Soul’Tre (not rappers, they sing) who we first heard on AllFrumThaI’s self-titled album.

The track; 'Thicker Than Water' will remind you of Tupac’s 'Dear Mama.' In other words; this is a pretty deep track where he lays the violent rhymes on the shelf. This track is also scheduled to appear on the soundtrack to Mack 10’s movie ‘Thicker Than Water.’

I don’t want to run down the LP track by track, but there’s one more I need to mention, 'III Tha Hood Way.' This track is worth a ten out of ten alone. It features Mack 10 and Ice Cube, and is a dark, beefy track in the vein of 'Westside Slaughterhouse' (which started the Cube vs. Common beef). Over this brilliant piano loop Ice Cube spits the lines: "When I hear the words murda murda / I insert a slug in your vertebrae / niggas hearda me." This might be considered as a diss towards Ja Rule, if you think that the intro on Ja’s 'It’s Murda' was a diss towards Cube. I’m looking forward too see if Ja Rule have the guts to come up with a full-length diss-song. Well enough about those two, let’s go back to the album.

The album features every thing a gangster rap album should have - violent tracks, a couple of serious tracks and off course some of that 'A Bitch Is A Bitch' style tracks.

A great G-rap album, but not Eiht's best.

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