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Fans of underground hip-hop everywhere have been anticipating this album for quite some time now. Thirstin's more recent work includes appearances on 'Soundbombing II' and on 'DJ Spinna's Heavy Beats Volume 1' EP but neither of those compare to this new album. Those that appreciate Thirstin's clever and unique rhyme style will agree that Skillionaire is just the beginning of Thirstin and the Spit Squad.

The album starts off in an extremely humorous manner, with 'Still Live With My Moms,' a joint featuring Masta Fu'ol, which is about the joys of living with their moms for free. Next is the fast-paced 'Spit Boxers,' which is another one of the many tracks in this album where Thirstin trades verses with Masta Fu'ol.

Perhaps the funniest song on this album is 'Keep On Cluckin,' a smooth and hilarious track with a similar theme to Sporty Thievez' smash hit 'No Pigeons.' This song was executed perfectly, with unforgettable lines like "Janet from uptown / a skinny girl who got a butt now / unbuttoned blouse / and a yuckmouth / if the pussy was a car it would read more than a hundred miles / hair so nappy I called her my sweet pea and Brussel sprouts."

Throughout this album, Thirstin's polished delivery and lyrical ingenuity shines. Just about all the songs on this album features at least one fellow Spit Squad members, especially Masta Fu'ol, who compliments Thirstin's grimy style perfectly. A number of tracks in Skillionaire use other artists' beats, but they were executed properly, each with a unique approach and a theme. 'John They're Stealing Part 1,' which features Rack Lo, is an amazing example of how dope Thirstin and his crew can get when accompanied with the perfect beat (GZA's 'Labels,' in this case). 'Million Man Rush' tells the story behind Thirstin's Lo-Life crew over Capadonna's 'Slang Editorial' instrumental. But, in the end, you shouldn't mind the recycling of older beats at all since in many cases Thistin and company rocked the beats better than the original artists did. The borrowed beats prove that when backed up with the right production, the results are flat out dope.

There are many more memorable joints on 'Skillionaire;' 'Brooklyn Hard Rock' and 'Guess On The Mic' featuring Unique London, and 'Thirsty Greedy' with Masta Fu'ol, just to name a few. One of the most talked about songs is 'Bury Me With The Lo On,' a spectacular ode to none other than Ralph Laruen's 'Polo' line of clothing. Imaginative and innovative rhyme tactics unlike any other flourish on every track.

Thirstin greatly exceeded my expectations on this one. It's proof that you don't need a big budget to release a dope album. Critics argue that the use of popular instrumentals and constant mention of Ralph Lauren's Polo clothing line make this album weak and repetitive. But if you listen to it you will understand that the much talked-about Polo gear represents true to life ghetto-mentality rather than played-out 'jiggy' materialism. This LP was intended to be a collection of b-sides and freestyle-type flows over instrumentals. Thirstin was so thirsty that he just spit verses over instrumentals and surprisingly, they fit together perfectly. If you accept this album as a compilation you will find yourself having very little to complain about. Skillionaire is a clever combination of rawness and humor that should not be missed.

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