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written by Philip Oliver    
With a name like ‘Super rappin’ you’d think it would be one of those shit Telstar Compilations full of hip-pop but this is far from it. As the CD cover puts it ’74 minutes of brand new underground hip hop from raps new generation’ and you know what? They ain’t bullshittin’. This UK/Germany only release should have all US heads green with envy as it features the best of the underground and independent scene on all new tracks produced by DJ Spinna, Shawn J period, Mr Walt, Nick Wiz and loads more you may not have heard of.

The Groove Attack Label has hit us with a gem that will probably stay well out of most peoples reach, don’t get this confused just 'cause you see all the same Indie names that appeared on the also UK only ‘NY state of rhyme’ this is a totally new album, so how come Rawkus and all the other Indie are lending these artists to these labels?. No one seems to know but no one seems to give a fuck when a project like this is released.

Ok enough of the overall details lets get into the album which kicks off with what can only be described as the Ill-as-fuck ‘How many X’s’ by one of the most underrated emcees Rasco and Planet Asia who absolutely let loose over a pitch switching loop. Sean J period Laces El da Sensai with a live horn based beat for him and his guests Organized Konfusion, Mike Zoot and FT of Street Smartz to get busy on for the track ‘Frontline’, arggh it can’t get any better, but we’ve only just started babay! Natruel comes correct on the self-prolific ‘Naturel on top’, a track that shows this emcee is one to keep an eye out for in the next few months. Two of my favorite tracks appear back-2-back, I’m talking bout the mad barking beat of ‘Games, Dames & Automobiles’ by Network Reps who are out done by my favorite indie emcees Punch & Words, the latter dropping some very ill tales about adolescence. The Lootpack come through next with their ‘New years resolution’, a short self produced track, its too short at just under 3 minutes!!!! But check this and see why these shouldn’t be slept on.

One of the very few female emcees on here, Brixx teams up with Mos Def on the Mr. Walt produced ‘If its alright ya’ll’. Shes a good emcee, sounds like someone else though but this collabo wasn’t a good idea cos Mos Def comes in and kills the track with his ill flow. The much improved Consequence is given a helping hand by Shabaam Sahdeeq and 2 other emcees who been on here already, Mike Zoot and FT and on ‘Nobody’ they also come through with one of the albums strongest tracks. As the album draws to a close things are still consistent but not mind blowing, we have Ed OG on ‘lets be realistic’ but I just know this guy is capable of much more than this, this track is disappointing. One last highlight comes in the form of ‘Dimmin’ in the life’ by L fudge which I was fortunate to review a while ago in our new ish section, still ain’t heard it? Ya missing out because this emcee has got a great flow and the beat he has suits him well.

Compilations of this high standard are too hard to come by so snap this up as soon as you can just to enjoy 18 tracks from the cream of underground hip hop in its truest form. Its also true that there are a few dull moments on here but that’s it, FEW, its far out weighed by consistent emcees and beats for days. Next time you’re at your local import store pick this joint up before anything else.

A HUGE shoutout going to Mark Goodbody for hooking us up with the album.

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