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written by Hugo Lunny    
DMX deserves some credit for working his ass off and actually bothering to put out a lot of material. But it isn't always good that he puts so much out, as it isn't always that great. Since the beginning of last year, he's dropped three LP's (including this one), and they've been alright. Nothing really exceptional, but he's been improving. Tracks like 'Slippin' aren't amazing, but they do show a deeper side of DMX.

This album isn't too bad, but what is, is how two-faced DMX comes off as. The man has yet another interlude on this album, in which he prays. Now, I think it's good if someone has strong religious beliefs, but he contradicts it throughout his LP. "You've let me touch so many people, and it's all for the good. I influenced so many children, I never thought that I would," nice words, but when the rest of the album has tracks with him talking about how he could kill you from anywhere at anytime and such like, it annoys me. That's all for the good? I think he needs to think about what he says before he says it, and if he wishes to say something, to remain consistent, rather than hypocritical.

To me, DMX has gotten better over the past year or so. I really started enjoying his shit after I saw him perform live at the Hard Knock Life tour, and after the track 'Some X Shit.' He is rarely lyrically deep, and will not inspire many to do anything positive, but he does make enjoyable tracks, and is enthusiastic over the beats he selects.

He does make a semi-deep track on this LP entitled 'Here We Go Again,' it talks about him trying to convincing a younger friend of his, trying to shape him into a better person, but he ends up killing his friend because he betrayed him. 'Angel' is also an example of where X tries to show himself as being deeper than his other tracks portray him to be. But 'Angel' really isn't that great.

The best tracks on this LP are 'D-X-L,' 'What's My Name' and 'The Professional.' I also like 'What These Bitches Want,' but it took a while for that track to grow on me. 'D-X-L' is a pretty cool posse cut. It features The LOX and Drag-On, guess what though? Drag-On is the worst part of the track. The beat isn't too great, but the emcees that rhyme over it make good use of it. 'What's My Name' is the track, which was released to promote the LP. It is pretty cool, the beat is very bouncy, and DMX's enthusiasm shines through on this track. The lyrics are okay, not brilliant, but they're not the strong point of any of the tracks on this LP, really.

The LP suffers from featuring Drag-On, haha. Well, put it this way, when he features on the LP, I skip the track. But he isn't the only flaw on this LP. Tracks like 'Party Up' and 'Don't You Ever' are pretty feeble. The thought process which went into creating them couldn't really have taken long, it's the type of filler material which could grow on you eventually but will leave you cringing until you've heard it constantly for months.

Basically, DMX has come up with a pretty nice third LP. It could have been quite a bit better, but it's not too bad.

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