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This album really should have come as a double cd with ‘The Love Movement’ last year if only as a bonus to what became a very disappointing album. But they have finally done the right thing and released Tribes greatest hits or as they like to put it in a Beatles classy type way ‘The anthology’.

Now if your like me and acknowledge quest as a backbone to this thing we call hip hop you will probably own most of these tracks because you bought the albums right?. If you don’t at least own the ‘Low end theory’ then you’ve missed out on what is in my opinion one of the greatest hip-hop albums in existence. You may have caught up with them by the time ‘midnight marauders’ dropped, maybe the disappointing ‘beats rhymes and life’ made you go all the way back to the genius that is ‘Peoples instinctive travels...’ However you discovered Quest it is a fact that after ‘beats, rhymes and life’ emerged there was the indication that the best days had gone. So lets take a look at their past glory in a collection of singles.

The album begins with Quest at the height of their dopeness ‘Check the rhime’ with its funky rumbling bass line it brings back so many memories. While this isn’t a chronological ordered album other ‘Low end’ cuts include the must have ‘Scenario’ with LONS, a hyped up Phife on ‘Buggin out’ and ‘jazz (we got)’ is so mellow it relaxes you to the quest vibe. We take a trip back to ‘Peoples instinctive’ with the anthem that is ‘Can I kick it’ and other gems such as ‘I left my wallet in el segundo’. We jump back into ‘Midnight marauders’ with ‘Hot sex’, ‘Electric relaxation’, ‘Oh my god’ and the greatness of ‘Award tour’ undeniably one of the best tracks quest came with. The last few years of quest are less documented with ‘Find a way’ and ‘Stressed out’ which are showing the adoption of a more commercial stance than the jazz influence previously captured. There’s no bonus tracks and no remixes or rarities that would make you want to add to this collection. The confusing Inclusion of Q-tips ‘Vivrant thing’ only adds as a reminder that the Quest may have had their best days, although I like the track it could never hold up to even the weakest ATCQ cut on here.

If you’ve got all the albums then it would be pointless to part with your precious cash , but if you only got that shit n tape or vinyl and want to reminisce on quest in the digital age then this CD is for you. On the other hand if you are new to the wonders that manifests itself as ATCQ then I suggest you go out and buy all the past albums (minus ‘the love movement’) at a nice price. The grade 8/10 should have been higher but I feel it lacks any incentive to actually get this album, the quality is 10/10 but it loses out on what I said already, no bonuses pulled form the Vaults, just a sick attempt by Jive to milk the last drop out of quest after they have now disbanded.

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