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'White Boys' is a new feature film thats going to be hitting the theatre in September supposedly. And along with the flick comes a soundtrack featuring some of todays hottest rap artists and West Coast new comers.

The CD starts off with a real dope party cut called 'Who Is A Thug?' by Big Pun. The beats suit Pun nice giving him the same feel as 'Still not a player' and 'You Came Up.' The hook, which is simple and dope, is a play off of LL Cool Js lounging remix. Real nice joint, good starter. After that song the soundtrack drains big time. With unimpressing tracks from DJ Hurricane and Soopafly. Snoop makes an appearance with snoozer. Beats and Lyrics are tiring and Snoop goes his N.L route with a cameo from T Bo. The Track Is called 'White Boyz' and is a stupid diss track against white kids.

At this point I was ready to go to bed when the track listing showed some promise. Raekwon, Canibus, and Slick Rick & Common tracks in succession! But, like all soundtracks the big names come short with the Raekwon and Canibus tracks both being sleepers with boring beats. Slick Rick and Common appear on a cut called 'Dont Come My way' which comes lyrically but the beat really really gets annoying after a minute or 2 plus a bad hook to boot. An ok track there.

Afterwards the cd brings a lot of misses from lesser known acts from the West Coast. None of the tracks are anything worth writing about. Mostly the same boring beats and those played out 'Im thugged out' type rhymes.

Its really pathetic these soundtracks that labels produce. All they are used for is to promote lesser acts on a label and hoping to spark album sales in the future. (Ex. Prass on Bullworth OST and Ghetto Superstar LP.) In my opinion, hip-hop soundtracks shouldnt be allowed to be sold. They all suck. There isnt one good soundtrack out there (shut up you 'Belly' and 'Bullworth fans').

Though this soundtrack isn't perfect it does have its moments. I would recommend picking up a proper LP instead, but this isn't too bad.

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