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Straight out of VA, Wu-Syndicate (formerly Crime Syndicate) aka Joe Mafia and Myalansky may first come across as wannabe mafia dons (peep the cover). Thugs who are riding the Wu-tang's coat tails. Well y’all couldn’t be more wrong. While Wu-Syndicate doesn’t bring anything new to the table, what they do bring is damn good. Myalansky and Joe Mafia more than hold their own on Wu-Syndicate without any help from Wu members (besides an appearance by 12 o’clock and two productions by DJ Mathematics). This is definitely a good idea as the Wu-Syndicates take their own direction.

The beats never outshine Joe or Myalansky and the lyrics never outshine the beats. However, on a few tracks the beats and lyrics together are only decent. A definite plus for Wu-Syndicate is that with 4 different producers putting their tracks together you get a multitude of different beats on the album, and, everyone can find at least one track they feel. Tracks to take a note of are 'Weary Eyes' and 'Ice Age' both produced by DJ Dred. When you hear these two exceptional tracks on the CD you’ll instantly recognize them. 'Ice Age' has a unique guitar riff, as does 'Weary Eyes' with a strange sample of a woman for the hook. DJ Devastator doesn’t disappoint either. In my opinion 'Wings of Life' is one of better tracks on the CD. Once you hear the horns and the bass violins kick in you know you’re in for some original shit. The song previously heard on 'The Swarm' album 'Where Was Heaven,' phat beats, hook and decent lyrics, is the ghetto anthem of the album as Myalansky talks of the life of being a hustler. The sincerity of this song can be felt, unlike other artists. Definitely one of the better tracks that many have slept on.

There are a few aspects that keep this album from being perfect. Guest star Napoleon appears on a number of tracks as well does 12 o’clock the problem is that neither of them really bring anything to the track. The guest stars should never outshine Joe Mafia or Myalansky but they don’t bring anything to the table, they’re just there. They aren’t bad by any means but when compared to the sounds of Myalansky they can’t compare. Another point is that with four producers you get a multitude of sounds, as I said before. But I can’t help but wanting to hear a couple of more tracks produced by DJ Mathematics or DJ Dred. Every song isn’t at the level of 'Ice Age,' 'Pointing Fingers,' 'Thug War' and the uniquely, DJ Math produced 'Muzzle Toe' and there no reason they shouldn’t be, it’s a little disappointing.

Lastly, Wu-Syndicate easily impress by themselves you cant help but want to hear some guests appearances by Wu-tang. Some of the tracks just beg to be blessed by Ghost or Raekwon.

It seems that a lot of people are sleeping on the Wu-Syndicate. For what reason I don’t know. With wack sounds by Ruff Ryders, Ja Rule and Jay-Z (if its played on the radio 24/7 and then you got people dancing to it in a fuckin club chances are its wack), Wu-Syndicate comes with original, nice sounding beats and decent lyrics.

More pluses than minuses. A definite purchase for Wu fans.

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