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Screwball, natives of Queens Bridge, New York, premier their LP ‘Y2k’ in September. Almost unknown to the general public, Screwball bring loads of cameos for this debut. Godfather Don, Capone, Triple Seis, MC Shan, Prodigy, Noyd, Havoc, and Cormega all appear. Most underground heads probably know Screwball from the various Indy compilations or the Premier produced single ‘H-O-S-T-Y-L-E.’ From all the information listed above, I was very excited about this release.

This LP is most definitely a subway banger with incredible production, with just about every song seeming that it’s trying to escape the speakers. Songs like ‘First Blood’ and ‘Take It There’ have beautiful multi-layered beats that bump brilliantly, and which are very suitable for their style.

Very stereotypical of his region, Screwball come with a lot of energy and their rhymes are centered around tales from the hood of QBC. Many other QBC rappers appear with Screwball, a prime example of this is on ‘You Love To Hear These Stories’ (which features QBC staple MC Shan of ‘The Bridge’ fame). Utilizing samples from ‘The Bridge’ Screwball and MC Shan rhyme about QBC, and, the emcees it produces. It’s a straight up a dope track and it’s nice to see Shan doing his thing. Another song that shows how QBC is represented is ‘On the Real’ which features both Havoc and Cormega. Originally, this joint featured Nas and ‘Mega along with Screwball but because the beef between the ‘Mega and Nas. Havoc came in. Other than that it’s still a dope track with Screwball laying down some nice rhymes along with Mega Montana but Havoc disappoints a little.

Screwball also flip it on a very original tip. On 'Who Shot Rudy,' the QBC natives pay verbal homage to Phoaroah Monche's ‘Mayor.’ The song is basically about the hypothetical murder of Rudy Guiliani and it’s a joy to hear Screwball drop dimes about the murder. ‘Suck My Dick Wash My Car’ is another track which sticks out, mainly due to its name. It’s an 'I'm a Pimp, you're my bitch' type song that’s so popular right now. But on this it actually has dope beats and nice lyrics with it. The chorus is catchy as hell and you'll catch yourself telling your girl to 'suck your dick and wash your car'. Straight up, these cats are innovative.

Don’t pigeon hole Screwball for being weak because of various cameos they’ve done, they can drop gems without additional guests as well. On ‘Fuck All Ya’ll Bitch As Niggas,’ Screwball flows over a Primo produced beat and tears it to shreds.

As you can see Screwball have a lot of talent and this CD probably won’t make major waves in the mainstream but cause tidal waves in the underground. The production and rhymes are really tight, and, there’s no use for a fast forward button on this LP. Definitely worth purchasing. Screwball should have a terrific future ahead of them and hopefully they’ll get the same support that their QBC counterparts have.

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