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In the year 1997 a strange man approached the rap industry with the verbal dynamics that stunned and changed the standards of many with every verse he dropped. It was as if he rhymed with the intent to impress you, and you alone. As if he was wanted you to believe he could do anything, all he had to do was put the mic in his hand and give him about 3 feet of space.

At some point, something changed. It causes one wonder at what it is. Although this album is a secure 7, we all know good and damn well it should be at least an 8. The album starts off with "C-Quel" which has a dope beat, but also includes nice mix of his best lines he spit back in '97 which unfortunately over-shadows every other verse he does there-afterwards. In short: lyrically, Canibus has become quite lazy. But I digress...

Whats different in this album, aside from the quality of lyrics, is the diversity. This is a strictly battle album. Tracks like "2000 B.C", "100 Bars," "Lost at C" and... generally the rest of the album, is a on some good ol' fashion beat-yo-ass shit. Production is definitely solid. He has got some stuff off of his chest regarding wack rappers and this platinum craze, which I always have a place in my heart for.

He definitely gets props for his feature tracks. "I'll Bus 'Em, You Punish 'Em" is a nice piece of work with Rakim. It basically has the only hook on this album I'm actually feeling. You'll find yourself trying to get this song out of your head in the middle of the night - you've been warned. "Abide By" featuring Ras Kass, Killah Priest and Kurupt is definitely good. KP brought that pain he should've on his now counting two albums. His verse is the best, followed by Ras' verse. Canibus doesn't exactly slack off either. He sounds damned mad in it, and you'll still hear some vague LL references in it if you listen closely. Kurupt... well, whatever. "Life Liquids" featuring Journalist was pretty good too. But it's my least liked of the three.

My only advice for Canibus, is for him to spend more time in the lab trying to re-assess what changed in him at his prime to his current state and fix it. This man was single-handedly one of smartest rappers on the mic. Now he's using filler terms. Somebody e-mail me with a count of how many times he says: "Thousand." He's got more than Eight Hundred Thousand this and Sixty Thousand that. I'm displeased. Although this is still a good album, I am displeased.

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