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written by Philip Oliver    
Some of you may have already seen Serge Boogie in a 1998 copy of Vibe magazine in Black spots column. So he's been holding shit down for a while and as a first on this site we got to review a double EP. This means its split up into 2 parts so first off we get the new material in the form of 'Amotivation' and some older shit he did back in '97 in the form of 'Eye Contact', both are different to the point where during that 3 year period the style has changed.

In my opinion this material isn't as good now as it was then, but I'm sure its still in there in this Del the funky homosapien / Kurious sounding emcee. Why do I say this? Well in all 11 tracks the best come from the 'Eye Contact' EP, and they are not just slightly better, they are a lot better. That's what brings this EP down a little but highlights Serge's best approach to emceeing. Probably seeing not enough success in the first time round he decided to switch it up and while his style stays similar it's the production that falters. But why is this? It's because, for the 'Amotivation' part, he enlists the production duties of Squibcakes who has a style that is difficult to digest with the clever and witty rhymes of Serge Boogie. This is where 'Eye Contact' succeeds; as it is totally self-produced he understands what suits his lines. This is not a dis to Squibcakes production its just not suited to Serge.

As soon as 'The Soak' and 'Gimpology 101' kick in on the 'Eye Contact' side the EP immediately steps up the pace and things gel together more comfortably. This material is 3 years old and it still holds up now, probably due to the popularity of Serges style blowing up in the J-Zone/MF Doom category, another positive side of this EP. Other cuts like 'Hollywood' and 'Lawnmower man' hit that spot yet again. That's not to say the 'Amotivation' side is totally shit, just not up to par with previous material, while 'Eye contact' is quirky and head nodding, this side is darker and more minimalistic. The closest it comes to previous efforts is on 'St. Ides Satire' and by the end of the track it didn't really have me reaching for that rewind button.

If I were reviewing just the 'Eye Contact' EP it would have got a higher grade. Its evident that Serge needs to go back a while and get that sound out there again, maybe he was just too ahead of his time for people to realize he was on some next shit, but if he does it now he could just blow up. If you wanna pick up this CD check it up at

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