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written by Hugo Lunny    
I've had this compilation for a few weeks now, and I've been listening to it very frequently to determine what I feel is an accurate view on the material here.

The compilation features 14 tracks filled with artists from Baltimore. There's a nice range of styles and a lot of names that you won't recognize, maybe a few of you will, but after hearing the compilation you'll probably find yourself being interested in finding out more about some of them.

Featured here are a lot of 'good' tracks. By that I mean in between average and excellent, the most notable ones being 'Sabotage' by Phirmly Rooted, 'From The Ground Up' also by Phirmly Rooted, and 'Faces Of Death' by Self Lords. 'Sabotage' features a nice beat, and some nice rhymes. Not one of my favourite tracks on the compilation but it's well created. 'From The Ground Up' by Phirmly Rooted is a very impressive track, but is spoiled by the 'spoken outro' at the end of the track. The rhymes are on point, and the beat is definitely worth bumping, however, one of the members of Phirmly Rooted felt the need to give us a little irrelevant speech at the end of the track, lowering its quality quite drastically. Lastly, 'Faces Of Death,' this track has an ill beat, and some quite good rhymes, but the beat is what impressed me the most. It's especially enjoyable if you listen to it while in motion (riding in a car, running, or something of that nature.

'Streets Of Gold' is probably the most tacky, seemingly un-original track on the compilation. The hook feels very predictable and has you thinking of how many times you've heard a hook like that. Global Platoon (who are responsible for this track) don't seem to come up with very interesting lyrics unfortunately either. 'Hot Shit!' by L.M.S. also feels fairly tacky, but is better than 'Streets Of Gold,' as the lyrics and beat are very much superior to the previously mentioned track.

In my opinion the compilation's best tracks are 'Don't Let The World Get U,' by Origin and 'Dress Code,' by C.N.V. 'Don't Let The World Get U' features a dope beat, a nicely sampled hook and some pretty good rhymes. But, without a doubt, the finest track on the compilation is 'Dress Code.' 'Dress Code' talks about what the title states, it talks about being required to wear certain clothes at certain shows, and what to wear at hip hop events. "The pants sag and you know I wear Timb's / They put a limit on the fire and you know I can't get in / Army field jackets is to catch blunt ashes / When you diggin' in the crates man you never wear gloves"...a quote which sums up some of the content in the track. C.N.V. come off very well here.

'I Know' by VexDaVortex is an r n' b cut which is very much of out of place here, but, it's very well done. Vex sings well, and the beat which underlies his vocal creation fits it very well.

Basically, Powa House Productions have formed a quite impressive compilation and I'm looking forward to hearing more releases from the newly created label

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