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If you don't know who Chris Stylez is, you will. He's a producer who was in the process of being signed to a record label (can't mention the name) but it didn't really work out. So, he released his EP through

The EP starts with a instrumental intro, it's "ok" nothing special but hey, it's just an intro. It is long for an intro with a techno feel. Track 2 is something of a surprise for a Chris Stylez track due to the over whelming "thug" feel to it. Chris Stylez is known for his lyrical type beats with witty metaphor MCs going above them, doing his beats justice. Now, on this EP, he has 'Love Life' featuring Rob Royce which is actually a good opener. Rob Royce flows well over a very different sort of beat. Overall, it's a good track, just a different direction for Chris Stylez. He also has 'Bring Tha Heat' with Lancaster MC C'Nova and once again Queens' own Rob Royce covering another thug-style track, this is probably the best track on the EP.

Then we go onto his normal tracks I've gotten used to. 'Verbal Piss' with 4th Dimensions (Mix and Franchise) features a very witty topic for a battle track. The track all fits together after Mix and Franchise "verbally piss" it has a toilet flushing. Not a great track, but it has a good topic. The next track features Chris Stylez' "sidekick" WoRdLiFe in 'Who'z Next?' asking who's next to lose and who's next to blow up. Beneath the rhymes there's a fast beat with not much bass, WoRdLiFe doesn't even rhyme on beat for most of the track. But, the hook and the mixing are a great example of what you can expect with a Chris Stylez album. He used samples of accapellas of WoRdLiFe from old demos and put together a great hook. The track ends with a metaphorical explosion telling the world they will both blow up.

'Killa Intentionz' is another instrumental and it sounds like a horror movie feelings that Jason is behind your stereo. I don't really like instrumentals but this one is a very good. It's a little too long to keep my attention through the whole track though. Much better then the intro.

The EP's last two tracks are 'Jay Vs. Greg' and 'Iced Out Freestyle.' 'Jay Vs. Greg' is a weird battle track in which the two members of Verbal Assault battle each other, get personal and mean, then laugh and give shout-outs at the end. Jay Mellow starts it off with a normal verse then it turns to a diss to his partner Gemad. Gemad gets mad and comes back replying to Jay Mellow's disses. I'm not a fan of Gemad's voice or flow but lyrically he won this battle. I'd rather listen to Jay Mellow.

The final track is entitled the 'Iced Out Freestyle' with Rob Royce freestyling in his normal thug style it finishes with some gun shots, making Rob Royce starting and finishing what he started. Overall a good EP. To get more info or to purchase it's for sale here

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