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written by Heat    
Dear Brat,

          Hi! My name is Heat and Ive been a fan of yours ever since you dropped your debut verse on Kris Kross' 'Da Bomb.' Up until that time, I had never heard a female rapper spit with such fire and force. I was definitely checking for you. In 1994 you dropped 'Funkdafied,' and I loved it. Who cares if heads were saying that you were biting Dogg Pound. You was tight in my eyes. Then, in 1996, you came with 'Anuthatantrum.' I loved that also. Your flow improved and you started to show more of that Chi town flavor. It's now the year 2000 and your 3rd offering 'Unrestricted' has arrived. Do I love it? Yes...and no.

          Let's get the "no" out of the way first. I don't know how to say this, but I think it's time you lose Jermaine Dupri. Meaning, tell him to shut up, lose his soft beats and corny hooks. 'We Ready' and 'Back Up' couldve been much better songs if the hooks were eliminated. Especially on the latter. You don't have Ja Rule, a person that likes to scream "It's Murda!" on a track with a hook of that caliber. It doesn't sound right. Other JD joints such as 'Pink Lemonade' and 'High Come Down' could've stayed in the studio. 'High Come Down' is just downright embarrassing.

          The 2nd "no" that's wrong with the album is the new direction you've taken on 'Unrestricted.' I guess with the success (or lack thereof) of the Amils, Soles, and Trinas, that you've decided to talk about sex more. Bad move Brat. This just ain't your steelo. 'That's What I'm Looking For' and 'What'chu Like' are nice subtle songs that can be bumped in the clubs, but 'Pink Lemonade' and 'What's On My Mind' will leave true fans such as myself shaking their heads. See ----> *shakes head*.

          Enough with that, let's get to the good stuff like...your flow, your flow, and your flow. You've adopted more of that signature Westside Chicago style on 'Unrestricted,' and it fits perfectly. It doesn't hurt that you've hooked up with fellow resident Twista on the Timbaland laced 'Intro' to give the audience a 1-2 punch. And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Mystikal shows up for 'Hands In the Air,' produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelletie, which is without a doubt one of the best songs on 'Unrestricted.' Also, it's only right that you hit folks on the head and release 'Runnin' Out of Time' featuring Kelly Price as a single. It's a wonderful story along the lines of 'Anuthatantrum's 'Ghetto Love' but with a different twist.

          All in all, your album is great. The new you is going to take some getting used to. Everyone goes through changes. Sometimes the change is good. Sometimes the change is bad. And sometimes...

Your fan,

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