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written by Hugo Lunny    
Detect is an Australian MC from Melbourne (a place I love). Now, it seems that Detect has received some un-necessary criticisms about his mic presence because he doesn't use his natural Australian accent, I've heard people point that out to me, and he even mentions it in his booklet. When it comes down to it, why does it really matter? I mean, what matters is mic presence in terms of flow/vocal variations with regards to enthusiasm, lyrical content, and the beats which are associated with those. Needless to say, Detect is dope.

After hearing 'Deep Investigation' a good thirty times at least, I'd say I have a pretty accurate view of how the album is. The title of the album; 'Deep Investigation' has the theme followed through, throughout the 16 track deep release.

The album is littered with movie samples at various points. The only one that I actually was able to make out from memory was within the intro where a sample of '1984' (the movie) is placed. I'm told that 'Enemy Of The State' is sampled too, I recognize Gene Hackman, but as I haven't seen the movie, I can't comment for certain. Carrying on with that subject, the track 'Enemy Of The State' is supposedly about the movie, yet again, as I haven't seen it, well, you get my point. The beat, produced by Detect himself (he produces the majority of the LP) has a familiar feel, and works well, with Detect showcasing his rhyming abilities above it.

As previously stated Detect covers the majority of the production (9 of the 12 tracks plus the skits), the rest of the LP is done by Weapon X. My favourite beats on the LP are the ones which reside as the background for 'Interrogation,' the title track, 'Deep Investigation,' and 'Rebirth.' All of those, co-incidentally are produced by Detect, Weapon X's one's are dope too. But those stand out within the LP, especially 'Rebirth's. The beat on 'Rebirth' immediately involved me on first listen and became addictive with further listening, the subject is that Detect has been altered technologically and finds things in life, which he recognizes. It begins with him seeing reflections of surgeons putting a new nervous system in him, it then goes on from there. Definite dopeness. That same track is my favourite one on 'Deep Investigation.'

'Deep Investigation' features a fair amount of guests; Digga (not Rah or Lord, a different one), BVP, Weapon X, Naps and Outbreak. The only one of those I was familiar with prior to listening to this album was Outbreak (who's actually a friend of mine). They all put in really good performances, and although Outbreak's performance is really dope, it's unfortunately not his best as fans of him will realize. However, with that said, the track which he's featured on (the title cut) is dope. It's the longest one there the subject matter being corrupted governments.

Detect comes off well on the mic consistently throughout 'Deep Investigation,' my only complaint is that he doesn't always vary his tones to reflect thoughts very much, though on the whole, that's not really an issue as his lyrics are consistently on point. My only real complaint lies with the track 'Soldiers Of Armageddon.' I, for some reason cannot stand the beat. It irritates me. The lyrics aren't bad, just that beat. Sorry Weapon X, but...

This LP grew on me more and more with each listen, initially it didn't seem too outstanding but those thoughts changed. To the best of my knowledge, this is Detect's first LP, and I have to say it's impressive. Definitely worth purchasing.

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