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written by Hugo Lunny    
When I first purchased this LP, back in the day, I was so damned impressed with it. It was very much superior to their previous LP; 'Straight Outta Compton' - the LP which everyone and their mother had heard of because of the highly controversial content (i.e. 'Fuck The Police'). NWA rid themselves of Ice Cube, which though I think Ice Cube is great, I don't think it harmed this LP at all, maybe it even improved NWA.

The LP begins with Above The Law preaching along with a rhyme from Ren, then, the LP kicks into 'Real Niggaz Don't Die.' One of the very many dope tracks on this LP, the frequent use of the word "nigga" and other language didn't lower its quality, as it does/did with many other tracks, both now and then. NWA(Dre, MC Ren and Eazy-E) spit some angry rhymes above a dope beat.

They focus upon people criticizing them on 'Niggaz 4 Life' by being introduced by various voices moaning about their language use. NWA then come on and drop some nice rhymes, talking about "why" they call themselves a "nigga" in a mixture of serious and comedic ways. It's a very well done track, yet again featuring a nice beat, this time around I feel it's more fitting to the track, rather than being dope alone.

'Efil4zaggiN' features a lot of 'comedic' tracks/interludes. From a female group singing "Don't drink that wine, coke would be better it's easy to find, if that won't do, smoke a joint or two, but don't drink that wine" to 'Message To BA,' an interlude filled with fake messages to diss Ice Cube, to the 'classic' sex rhymes (all placed next to each other on the CD) 'Findum, Fuckum & Flee,' 'Automobile,' 'She Swallowed It,' and 'I'd Rather Fuck You.' All of those are brilliantly created, 'She Swallowed It' and 'Findum, Fuckum & Flee' are more lyrically inclined. The other two are basically Eazy-E having a fun time talking about sex.

The LP also has a more sinister side; 'One Less Bitch' is a perfect example of this. It comes straight after an interlude, which focuses on killing a hooker. Dre and Ren created a track that has some really well written and rapped story's, easy to picture. Another sort of similar track is 'Approach To Danger,' well, it isn't really a sinister track, but it's one which feels tense and has something more to it. Its beat makes you feel like you're in motion, and the rhymes on here go well with the beat. Another dope track.

Basically, I'm reviewing this LP nearly ten years after its release. And, its still as good as it was when I first heard it. This is without a doubt the best NWA release, and showcases Dre, Ren and Eazy-E's emceeing skills brilliantly. Pick up this LP if you don't already own it.

R.I.P. Eazy-E

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