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written by Hugo Lunny    
I first heard Anonymous Twist last year when he hooked me up with 'On The Fritz,' a dope battle track with a very nicely chosen Meth sample. Twist came with pretty dope rhymes (which became better after hearing more times) and basically threw out a nice appetizer for this LP.

The first thing that attracted me to the LP was the dope cover, I mean, yes, I understand that an LP isn't dope because of its cover, but it's the type of thing you'd pick up if you saw it in a store as it's intriguing. Two minutes later I found myself relaxing to 'Eugenics.' What you will notice after hearing the LP through once fully is that it has a lot of tracks which are pretty similar in theme to one another. This, is the LP's main flaw. However, if they all sounded exactly the same, then 'Eugenics' would be shite. This is not the case. Though the tracks are similar in theme, they are executed in fresh manners. You'll find that you can listen to it in such a range of situations, like when you walk to work or when you are playing with your friends. Each time you listen you'll take something different away from it, you'll realise just how multi-layered the tunes are.

'Eugenics' features consistently dope beats, from 'Rap Insomniac' to 'On The Fritz' to 'Splinters,' you'll find well created, 'track fitting' (they fit the title and lyrics) beats. Also, amongst practically all of the tracks there's some sampling, from which you can determine who Twist is a fan of, and you can also notice how skilled he is at scratching and placing them at appropriate points in his tracks.

The lyrics on the LP are consistently well-done, well thought out, and effective. However, their theme's (as previously mentioned) are mostly geared towards battle raps.

There are no guests on the LP and, other than mastering the LP, Anonymous Twist is responsible for everything on here; production, rhyming and scratching. Which I personally find pretty damned impressive.

Seeing as this is Anonymous Twist's first LP, I'm kind of saddened. Why? Well, from my experience, once an MC comes out with a dope first LP, his subsequent material is of a lower quality. I'm hoping that this won't happen with Mister Twister, because he's definitely got skills.

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