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written by Infinite The Last Poet    
Flesh N' bone, what can I say. Hes the often-incarcerated member of Bone. His skills are a mystery. Since he's been in jail so much these could be some old "ODB-esque" tracks - old vocals over new beats. Everyone always wonders if he is actually in Bone...he is but with albums like this I see how people can think otherwise. He sounds nothing like anything that made Bone famous. He raps fast, but.... So what?

Simplistically speaking this album sucks. I had high hopes because of his first release. Songs such as "World So Cruel" and his verse on Montell Jordan's "Falling" remix lead to a rise in his popularity. Even though he rarely appeared on any Bone tracks, his first album was held in high regard and with the anticipation of his 2nd release, good things were planned for him. Sophomore jinxes are the worse, because this album is garbage, refuge, a coaster, and a paperweight. Why you may ask, where will I start is my answer.

First off the beats are just that, beats. There is nothing spectacular that grabs you outta yo' seat and makes you wanna shake ya ass. Nothing to bob your head too, just simple unmoving beats. The producer of this album even had the nerve to sample the "sampled one time too many" "Git Up, Git Out" by Outkast. It wasn't cool when Macy Gray did and it isn't cool when you do it. On this same song a collabo with Montell is wasted. The ineptitude keeps rolling right along. Beat upon beat of uninspired beats cover this album and blanket it with "wackness".

The lyrics, well they are pretty off kilter with what you and I may come to expect from a Bone member/close affiliate. His delivery is rapid paced, yes, but if I here one more rapper use a "terror dome" metaphor I'm going to scream! Talk about something else other than murdering people, thats why you're in jail now. Nothing in here is heartfelt. You can tell that this album was rushed because they saw that Flesh didn't have too much time left.

This album is a big disappointment, Flesh as well as Bone in general has fallen off and lost the edge that Eazy gave them with their first release. Eazy's death has effected them more than they have or we will ever know and now Bones members have relegated us to garbage wastes of CDs. Well at least in Flesh's case there wont be anymore CD's from him.

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