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written by Hugo Lunny    
It seems that everyone and their mother these days is making a mix CD, or is claiming to. For those of you not wise enough to know, a mix CD is not simply a CDR filled with tracks, which your friend downloaded and burned. That's known as a compilation, or custom CD or bootlegging tool. A mix CD is music mixed by a DJ on turntables which has been recorded and then placed onto CD. It includes mixing, sampling and things of that nature. For a start, understand that if there's no mixing, it's not a mix CD. Anyway, 'Hands On Decks' a mix CD.

Bonez, will not be known to many, if any people that visit the site. I hope this changes after reading this review. Bonez is an Australian DJ, and is also part of the Dominion Crew. He's not new to DJ'ing as you'll realize when you hear this, and I'm hoping, he'll get better known overseas with you hearing the sample tracks we have up.

There are two main types of DJ's in Hip Hop. Those which think that rewinding one semi-interesting line thirty thousand times is impressive, and that's how you define yourself as a DJ, and, those which scratch their arses off, sample, create sounds with their scratching and things of that nature. The latter, I class as a DJ/Turntablist, the previous I class as a fool.

Bonez is a DJ, and, he knows how to do what I've spoken about to a very high standard, as you'll notice with this CD. It features blending, a huge variety of samples, scratching, and even a couple of tracks feature some guest rappers.

The main problem is, its length. The CD lasts 32 minutes, and trust me, while listening to it, those 32 minutes fly by. It leaves you wanting more, for it to carry on. Which is a good sign. 'Hands On Decks' flows perfectly from one track into another, and provides as an excellent background to fast paced video games.

Basically, Bonez has created a dope Mix CD, well worth purchasing. I'm almost certain you won't find it in stores, therefore, if you enjoy the material within the clips, head over to and pick up a copy.

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